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Book shop.

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It was not normal that James Sirious Potter would be found in a book shop. But, he had promised Lily to get her a book for her birthday. He looked around the isles and sighed. If I actually knew what kind of damn book she wanted that would be great! He thought to himself angrily and let out an agitated sigh.

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As soon as he heard the bell ring and the footsteps stop he took a wild guess and said, in an utterly causal tone, "I wondered when I would be bumping into you, Al." A smirk spread across his face and his eyes gleamed with arrogance and mischief, like they usually do. He turned his head slightly, wishing his brother to be there and not some confused witch. As he saw his brother a chuckle escaped his lips and he saluted before returning to look through the books on the shelf.

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"Why the long face?" James teased, his smirk present, as usual. He turned to look at his brother with mild interest and crossed his arms over his chest, and his smirk replaced with a grim expression. "Do you have any idea what kind of book Lily would like, since she was so descriptive when she said she wanted a book." He spoke sarcastically and waved his arms about as if to give more emphasis on the subject.

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James stared at him with a blank look on his face. "Don't you think she's grown out of it?" He asked as he tilted his head to the side and leaned against the book case, his arms crossed loosely over his chest. "I don't know! She's always darting around all over the place." He muttered under his breath and glanced at the bookcase he was leaning on and reached for a book and pulled it down. "What do you think, Al?" He asked his brow furrowed.

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James shrugged. "I know I did." He muttered under his breath and took the book. As the memories of seeing Lily and Albus play together he laughed. "Man, you were adorable. And Lily to, except you kinda grew out of it." The brunette smirked and glanced at the ghost of a smile playing on his younger brother's lips. He cocked his head the side and frowned. "You need to get out more, seriously. And maybe spend little time with that Scorpius fellow, he might be a bad influence, especially for a boy like you." He said, he was concerned for his brother's well being, but instead it came out as if he were teasing, again.

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James looked at his brother with mild amusement as his features changed dramatically and as did his posture. At the mention of Scorpius James adorned a frown. "I know he's a bully and a right down git." He said through gritted teeth. Since he only saw the side Scorpius showed to others, the arrogant, cocky and confident side, James didn't think twice about if the Slyhterin boy was different or not.

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"I didn't say that, Al!" James barked, heat rising in his face as well. "When did I ever compare Scorpius to his father?" He said through gritted teeth. "Have you seen the way he treats the Weasley's? Our cousins, he doesn't even say sorry for Christ's sake! The same counts for the kids that come from muggle families." He said, trying to calm himself down but failed miserably. If Scorpius wasn't as he seemed, it was either false or the boy had natural talent at pretending to be an arse. He glared at his brother with the same anger that his brother had in his eyes, except with more annoyance.

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James snorted. "Really, Al? You still defend him even after he insults our family and doesn't apologize? You needd to get your head out of the clouds, if he really didn't mean anything by it then I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be staring at them as if they were dirt." He said bluntly and placed the book in his other hand. "If your not to sure, why dont you go ask him yourself." He said and brushed past his brother then stormed out of the book shop fuming. He was more hurt than angry if he were being completely honest with himself- he was hurt that his brother, would defend an person he only knew for seven or six years, than believe his own flesh and blood - but it is to be expected.

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