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Rant about anything you need to rant about here. I will start.

I didn't much care for the Divergent movie. The characters said lines that were not in the book. And at the end with that Jeannine scene? That was wrong. I was so confused. The entire time I was like, "This wan't in the book..." Grr. Bad director! Bad!

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I really enjoyed the movie overall, but I was a bit confused towards the end. Also so sad that characters were cut (apparently they're going to introduce Uriah in Insurgent). The ending didn't make sense to me, if Jeanine was injected with the simulator why didn't she become like the dauntless and just kill tris anyway. Peter wasn't how I imagined him either, he wasn't mean enough. I think if he had stabbed Edward in the eye it would have made his character more mean and threatening but in the movie he didn't seem important. Overall I loved the movie, it had the same tone as when I was reading the books. I felt so pumped afterwards. The cinematography was beautiful in the film, there were some lovely shots (unlike the hunger games, that was bad). I get why they had to simplify the plot and reduce characters to make it more accessible for outside audiences but it kinda sucks for the fans :( I caught a few quotes from the book. The iconic ones like 'fear doesn't shut you down, it wakes you up' and 'be brave' but I understand why they couldn't keep it exactly the same (be cool if they had). Also the character deaths (except Natalie Prior, which was heart-wrenching) didn't feel as sad, because the characters weren't developed enough for me to care about them. Things like backstory, character development and relationships are harder to portray in film as there is such a short space of time. I think tats why they cut characters, to focus on the main ones, but agains it sucks for the fans. What did you like/dislike about the film?

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