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Garrett Smith (garrettsmith) | 62 comments GIVEAWAY OF Rabbit Hole BY Garrett Smith

Sign up to win a free copy. We will be giving away 3 signed softcovers and 3 eBooks.

Winners will be chosen based upon their answer to this question:

What would you change in history, if could travel back to a time before you were born?

The winners will be chosen by us, using purely arbitrary methods, which are intended to reflect our appreciation for well thought out answers.

To enter, just post your answer to the question along with your preference for eBook or signed softcover.

All the best,
Cynthia K. Garrett and Michael C. Smith
writing together as Garrett Smith

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Garrett Smith (garrettsmith) | 62 comments At bit about our book, Rabbit Hole Rabbit Hole (The Paradox Series, #1) by Garrett Smith .


Rabbit Hole is the first book in the Paradox Series. Set in 2025, Rabbit Hole tells the story of the partnership of Rabbit Hole Time Travel—the world’s first commercial time travel company, and Paradox Force—a government sanctioned black ops organization. Together they race to find and defeat the Rippers—a shadowy organization determined to use stolen time travel technology to alter the past to gain unlimited power and wealth.

Brilliant scientist Dr. Nora Hamilton, CEO of Rabbit Hole Time Travel, teams up with former Special Forces operative Nick Canton, Director of Corrective Mission at Paradox Force. They rush to locate and rescue Nora’s mentor, Dr. Marcus Locke, who has been kidnapped by the Rippers. On the way, they must also correct altered history before it can do irreparable damage to the present. While preserving historic moments that shaped the world today, they travel across hundreds of years and to locations around the globe. As Nick and Nora’s romance heats up, they recruit the team that will follow them any place, any time. In the process, they all learn more about themselves and the importance of trust and teamwork.

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Garrett Smith (garrettsmith) | 62 comments P.S. We are working on the second book in the series now. Look for it this summer.

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