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1. Obey the Mods
2. Invite your friends- I want this group to stay active
3. Be active
4. Make a character
5. Make your character sheets as detailed as you can.
6. No powerplay
7. No sex
8. Keep cussing to a minimum
9. Have Fun
10. No super powerful characters with one or two weaknesses.

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11. If you are making people from other schools use names appropriate to that area. I.E someone from Beauxbatons would not have a name like Lucy, use a French, Swiss, Dutch, Spanish or Italian name. For someone from Durmstrang use names from Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Bulgaria, Finland and Norway

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: Deciding other characters' actions.
This means that for example deciding another character's reaction is powerplay. It is up to the person behind the other character to decide how their character reacts. This also means that it is not up to the person who casts the spell to decide whether or not it hits the other character - it is up to the other character

2: Invincibility.
It is not fun for anyone to play against a character who is invincible. It ruins the game. So remember that, even though it is up to you whether or not your character gets hit by a spell or an other kind of attack it gives the game a better dynamic if you get hit once in a while. You do not have to get hit every time or every second time, but you have to get hit more than once in a long duel.

3: Showing up randomly and prevent something that your character actually don't know anything about.
This means that you're character has to be at the place where an action that is to be prevented before it takes place, unless the people who write it gives a reason for you're character to suddenly be there - for example: The screaming of a book in the restricted section. We know that all of you can see what happens in a topic, but your character can't. A character can't suddenly pop up as if it had seen it coming - it can't.

4: Run in, cast a spell and run out.
As the title says: You can't run into a fight or topic and cast a spell and the run away. You have to stay, as this gives the other person time to react. Running away before they have time to react robs them of the freedom to cast a spell back at you and therefore also the freedom to act against you post.

5: Generally everything that prevents other characters' to play their game.
By this we mean that others aren't allowed to choose for themselves what happens to others characters' and what others characters' should think and/or do. An example of this can be when you write that everybody loves your character. This robs everybody else the possibility of choosing for themselves what their character should think about your character.

Finally: The mods decide! You are of course welcome to remind the persons you see doing this of the rules, but in the end it is us who decides whether or not it is powerplay.

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