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Day class students are made up of all mortals (Zero has an acceptance) who all look up to the night class students. The day class president is Kasumi Kageyama who is very strict about what they have in there rooms.

Relationship Status:

Star sign:
Favorite Color:

Clothing Style:




Do you believe in vampires?:
Do you fear Vampires?:

5 facts about you:
Who do you look up to/Fan over in night class?: (It can be anyone, whether they're from the anime or someone else created them. Go to the 'night class students' topic and look at who ever is in the night class and put them here. This is only optional)

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Thank you for giving my life back to me

Name: Angel Yui
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Crush: Open
Relationship Status: Single
Sexuality: Straight

Birthday: March 3rd
Star sign: Unknown
Favorite Color: White

Appearance: http://sekainootakufansub.files.wordp... (view spoiler)
Hair: White
Eyes: Gold
Height: 5'5
Weight: 100 lbs
Complexion: like an angels
Scent: Perfect, kinda like a garden filled with beautiful flowers
Clothing Style: When not in uniform its the same as her pics

Personality: Angel is often described as her name, an angel. She's usually very sweet, shy, innocent and perfect in mostly everything she does. She never gives up and is willing to do anything to protect her friends. She can be stubborn but only for a good reason. She believes the world has alot of mysteries so she believes in alot of myths, including vampires.

One person needed courage to face the past. Another person needed effort to make a dream come true. Yet another person needed time and friends. What about you?

History she remembers: Angel doesn't remember all of her past. She lost her memory when she was 5. All she remembers is she woke up in a hospital room when 6 with stitches all over her and a breathing mask on her. All they told her was she somehow survived a fire, and thats all she knows. She occasionally has nightmares about her past, but she never remembers them when she wakes up. Her aunt and uncle had adopted her and luckily they knew they headmaster of this school so he allowed her in since she had a phobia of people and refused to go to public school.

History she doesn't remember: She was a cheerful girl and always cared for everyone in her village, something both her parents were proud of, not to mention she was an only child. She went to a public school at the time and used to love being called an angel. All until the incident happened. When she was 5, Level E's had attacked her village and were after her parents and her because they had rare, delicious human blood. She saw them go after her parents which made her drop a Lantern and catch the place on fire which made them run away after having knocked out her parents. She doesn't know who, but a pureblood ran in and got her out, she didn't have time to see there face before she blacked out. This was a few days before she turned 6, before she was token to the hospital, her mind was erased so she wouldn't remember all the bad things that happened.

Even in such an empty life as mine, i had songs.

*moonlight walks
*playing music (Piano, guitar, singing, etc.)
*white roses
*Being alone
*Fish (not to eat, just to look at)
*thunder storms
*large crowded areas
*arrogant people
*small areas
*any kind of bug
*Pink, purple or any other girly color
*being thought of as weak or an angel

Even if we forget the faces of our friends, we will never forget the bonds that were carved into our souls.

Strengths: fighting, defending (she takes alot of fighting/defense classes) and music
Weaknesses: darkness, fire and blood (makes her throw up, sometimes black out)

When they were still in the land of the living, death was something that came indiscriminately and randomly. So, there was no way to fight it.

Do you believe in vampires?: Yes
Do you fear Vampires?: No

When i close my eyes, the one that i love is beside me, and somewhere that is my greatest treasure.

5+ facts about you:
*Known as an angel
*Best place for success for her is in quiet areas
*Lucky day is usually Friday
*Her inner, deep feelings can remain a mystery until people dig it out of her
*She's very shy
Who do you look up to/Fan over in night class?: Open

Just because my name is Angel, Doesn't mean i am one

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 188 comments Mod
Finished her! Two more charries to go!! XD

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) Woop, I have two more charries after this one too XD

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 188 comments Mod
sweet XD Which one you making now? Im making two guys, a vampire hunter and a teacher XD

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) I made a vampire guy. I'm probably going to make a human girl and William teacher XD

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 188 comments Mod
nice XD Im thinking of making Alois or Ciel as a vampire hunter XD Idk which one though..

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) You don't make Alois very much, and I could make Claude.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 188 comments Mod
Ok :D Alois since he's a kid will still go to school. He'll like be a vampire hunter in training and Cloud could be his teacher (aka the one teaching him to be a vampire hunter. Like Zero had one in the anime XD)

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) alright cool

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 188 comments Mod
Ok, making Alois now :)

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) Alright, I'll get on Claude..

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 188 comments Mod
Crushes or just teacher and student?

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) teacher and student. But Alois could secretly like him

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 188 comments Mod
Alright :)

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The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) description

It's complicated

Name: Misaki Myota
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Crush: Usami
Relationship Status: Open
Sexuality: Gay, doesn't know that.


You're asking me about Usami? Well.... I can't tell you much...

Birthday: September 9
Star Sign: The Virgo
Favorite Color: Blue
Rank: Human



Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'9
Weight: 125
Complexion: Tanned
Scent: Fresh Parchment and Flowers
Clothing Style: Sweaters and jeans

Misaki is stubborn. He is easily flustered and often overthinks things. He isn't the smartest student but he really does try his best. He is determined and ambitious, often day dreaming about what is to come and over analyzing certain things. He is highly charitable, and as much as he hates to admit it he is very kind and modest. He hates boosting and is deathly afraid of relationships, being that saying he's insecure is a bit of an understatement. He is usually seen reading, studying, or cooking. He acts like a house keeper for Usami because his brother thought it best that he stay with Usami for school reasons. That and Usami can't do anything for himself. His relationship with Usami is complicated. But he refuses to admit that he's gay. Due to Usami allowing him to stay there he often tries to repay Usami, and he's kind if poor so he can't do much but he really tries.

When Misaki was eight years old both of his parents died in a car crash, before that he lived a relatively happy life but hasn't been the same since. He constantly thinks he's a burden and will try to stay out of people's way. But that doesn't always work with Usami considering that they kinda live together. Ever since his parent's death he's been taken care of by his brother, who claims that he can do everything by himself and he is an independent person. He is always taking care of himself and refusing to allow others to do for him.

*Earning money
*Being nice
*Helping people
*Giving to charities
*Playing guitar
*Having fun
*Doing for others
*Returning the favor

*Being a burden
*Being patronized
*Being called stubborn
*Being ordered around
*Insta coffee

*Helping people
*Standing up to people
*Being nice

*Can't say I love you
*Can't express emotions very well
*Tends to be dramatic
*Over thinks things

Do you believe in Vamipres?: No
Do you fear Vampires?: No

5 facts about you:
-Makes great food
-Cleans really well
-Isn't afraid of Usami
-Very stubborn
-Plays guitar well

Who do you look up to?: Usami-san

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 188 comments Mod
Love him!!

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) Should they meet in day class?

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) Or in Usami's house.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 188 comments Mod
Hmm.. Usami's house sounds good XD Could you make it? Im making like three charries right now so i may not reply right away. Oh, and could you post Oz and Felix back on the normal thread?

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 188 comments Mod
Thanks :)

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