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Ok, so im going to first place a pic, the name bellow and about the character bellow that. Post bellow if you wish to be one of these charries and ill add your name by there :D


Short hair (Human):

Long Hair (Vampire):

Yuki Cross/Kuran *Taken By Me* (Day Class)

Yuuki Cross/Kuran is the main female protagonist of the series. She is initially established as a human at the beginning of the story. She has no memories of her past prior to a stormy night, when she is almost devoured by a bloodthirsty vampire, 10 years ago. Yuuki wonders about her mysterious connection to a beautiful and charming vampire named Kaname Kuran, the person who saved her life and whom she is in love with. Later in the series, she begins to remember her past, and begins suffering from hallucinations, her mind slowly plunging deeper into corruption. With no options left, Kaname is forced to awaken her before she loses herself to the hallucinations. Upon awakening, Yuuki recalls her missing memories and regains her true identity. She is actually a pure-blood princess and is the secret daughter of Haruka and Juri Kuran and younger sister, as well as fiancé, of Kaname Kuran. She and her fiancé are officially the last remaining living Purebloods of the Kuran family and are part of the remaining seven royal Pureblood clans.


Zero Kiryu (day class)

Zero Kiryuu is one of the main characters of Vampire Knight and the only Vampire Hunter/Vampire in the entire series. Zero is Yuki's childhood friend of 4 years and the only other Cross Academy Guardian. As a Vampire Hunter, Zero wields the Bloody Rose as his main weapon, an anti-vampire gun. He is the adopted son of Kaien Cross, the headmaster of Cross Academy. Before that, he was born into a vampire hunter family. He lost his family members and was turned into a level E vampire by a pure-blood, Hio Shizuka (also known as the "Mad Blooming Princess"). He has held a strong hatred and disgust to vampires ever since. When he discovers that Yuuki is actually a pureblood vampire and Kaname's sister he becomes very angry and cuts all ties with Yuuki.


Kaname Kuran (night class president)

Kaname Kuran is one of the main characters of Vampire Knight. A Pureblood vampire, the president of the moon dorm, and the well respected king of the vampire society. He is the one who saved Yuki from a level E vampire when she was a child 10 years ago. When Yuki reawakens as a vampire, she recalls that Kaname is her fiancé. It is later revealed that Kaname is the first ancestor of the Kuran family, as well as one of the first founders of the vampire race, and is actually over 10,000 years old. Due to his weakened state after being revived, Kaname had transformed his body into that of an infant, and subsequently, his memories were repressed. His life was entrusted to Haruka and Juri Kuran, who raised him as the son that Rido had taken and killed.


Hair down (When Fighting):

Hair up (Most of the time. When teaching):

Kaien Cross (Headmaster/Vampire Hunter)

Kaien Cross is both the Headmaster of Cross Academy, and current head of the Vampire Hunters Association. He is the guardian of Zero Kiryu and adoptive father of Yuki Cross, the heroine of the story. Kaien is a very strong hunter, known as the best until he retired. Kaien is unusual amongst the vampire hunters as he appears to have stopped physically aging, appearing to be a man in his mid-twenties despite being two hundred years old. They have been studying his DNA, which he is said to possess extremely high amounts of vampire DNA that stopped his aging and causes Zero to confuse him with that of a vampire's aura. Like all vampire hunters, Kaien is able to wield anti-vampire weapons and carries a sword hidden in a cane and he has an acute smell that senses vampires. Kaien is considered the legend of vampire hunters.


Rido Kuran (No Class)

Rido Kuran was a Pureblood vampire and one of the major antagonists of the Vampire Knight series. He was the eldest brother of Haruka and Juri Kuran, and was Shizuka Hio's fiancé. With his reappearance, it was revealed that he was the true head of the Kuran family, not Kaname. He was also the uncle of Kaname and Yuki and the illegitimate father of Senri Shiki. As Rido is the biggest threat to Yuki's live hood, Kaname sees him as the enemy he has to eradicate at all costs. Rido was the person who sacrificed the life of Yuki's biological brother Kaname to reawaken the powerful ancestor Kaname from his thousand years of slumber. Technically making himself Kaname's master, Rido thought he could enslave the ancestor Kaname into listening to his every order. However, his plans backfires and was instead slashed into pieces by young ancestor Kaname. Taking him 10 years to regenerate his body. He comes back attempting to kill her once more.


Shizuka Hio (None)

Shizuka Hio was the Pureblood vampire who bit Zero Kiryuu. Even for a Pureblood, her fellow vampires felt uneasy around her and referred to her as the "Flowers-blooming-out-of-season princess" or "Kuruizaki-hime." She bore a slight resemblance to her distant relative, Maria Kurenai.


Sayori Wakaba (Day Class) *Taken by Alexia*

Sayori "Yori" Wakaba (若葉 沙頼 Wakaba Sayori?) is Yuki's dorm-mate and best friend since junior high. Yori is a very perceptive girl who finds the aura of the Night Class to be scary. She is one of the few girls with no interest in the Night Class and not intimidated by Zero, frequently joining Yuki to tease him while maintaining that Yuki is the only one capable of dealing with him. When Yori discovers that Yuki is a vampire during the attack on the school, she accepts Yuki. After a year has passed, Yori remains Yuki's loyal friend, she refused to have her memory erased by the hunters, now one of the few students who knows what actually happened at the school. According to Kaito, Yori is quite unique for being the human friend of a vampire who hasn't been devoured. Kaito uses Yori as bait at the vampire ball in an attempt to provoke trouble, while she does this in order to meet with Yuki whom she hadn't seen in a year It is revealed that she is also a daughter of an important official, whether hunter or not is unknown, when the headmaster was discussing on reopening the night class. She makes a few attempts to see Yuki later in the manga. She encounters Ruka and Kain with two other day class students, and is ordered to go inside, then Ruka uses her power to make the whole Day Class fall asleep. In the end chapter, Yori (her face not shown) tells her grandchildren about Yuki and the battle to restart the furnace.


Kasumi Kageyama (Day Class)

Kasumi Kageyama (影山 霞 Kageyama Kasumi?) is a student of the Day Class at Cross Academy and the president of the Day class. He has dark brown hair and wears glasses. He wears his uniform properly and normally has an expression on his face. Kasumi is in love with Ruka and shows it to her, but Ruka has no interest in him. During St. Xocolotls day, he gave Ruka some chocolates. At the social ball, he had asked Ruka to dance with him but she denied his request, saying that she did not want to dance with someone she doesn't know. When Ichiru arrived at the academy, Kasumi was told to take care of him.

After the one year timeskip, he has a small role, but spies Yuki walking into the forest with Zero and notes that the Night Class are strange, and is nearly attacked by two vampires. He runs into Ruka and Kain, along with Sayori, Shindo, and the Day Class sun dorm president and recognizes her and his memory of her is regained, but Ruka does not remember him, to his disappointment, but Ruka thanks him for remembering her, and orders the three to go back inside.


Ichiru Kiryu (Unknown)

Ichiru Kiryu (錐生 壱縷 Kiryū Ichiru?) was Zero's younger identical twin brother. Ichiru failed to be a Vampire Hunter due to being a sickly boy and his lack of hunter talents. He was believed to have been killed by Shizuka Hio, but he returns healthy after revealing that he had become the servant of Shizuka and she had given Ichiru her blood to cure his chronic ill health. In spite of his desires, she does not turn him into a vampire and he remains a human. With Shizuka's death, he returns to Cross Academy ( being watched by Kasumi Kageyama ) as a Day Class student by the orders of the Vampire Council and his own desire for revenge for Shizuka's death. During Zero's imprisonment by the Vampire Hunters, Ichiru visits and shoots him but reveals that he attained a mortal wound in an attempt to kill Rido, because of his role in Shizuka's death. After he..

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shoots his brother, Ichiru convinces Zero to devour him so they can finally become one, as they were originally supposed to be. Zero buries him alongside their parents grave. When Zero starts questioning his humanity after the timeskip, Ichiru is revealed to leave on inside Zero; he asks Zero to consider what is considered "human". Maria senses Ichiru when Zero carries her back to the Moon Dorm. He makes on last appearance when Yuki drinks Zero's blood, amused how Zero hides his true feelings.


Akatsuki Kain (night class) *Taken by Lelouch*

Akatsuki Kain (架院 暁 Kain Akatsuki?) is Hanabusa's cousin and considered one of "Lord Kaname's right-hand men." While the Day Class girls have nicknamed him "Wild", Kain is actually mellower than Aido and his laid-back attitude and association with Aido frequently sees him getting into trouble, despite not being directly responsible. Since Aido is lazy, Kain is left to clean their room when he's out, making Aido mistakenly believe their room gets cleaner on its own. Kain is incredibly perceptive and frequently sensitive to others' feelings, most particularly with his cousins, Aido and Ruka's. Kain has the ability to conjure and control fire. He has been in love with Ruka ever since they were kids, but never reveals his true feelings to her because she is in love with Kaname. His protectiveness over Ruka is the only thing preventing him from fully devoting himself to Kaname like Aido. During Rido's attack on Cross Academy, Kain and Ruka fight vampires attacking the Day Class on Kaname's orders.

After the one year timeskip, Akatsuki leaves with Ruka and Kaname. Aido runs into him and Akatsuki says that he's going back to Kaname's side. In Chapter 79, he and Ruka arrive back at the Academy. He gets into a fight with Aido, but manages to escape with Ruka. In Chapter 83, when Kaname injures Ruka, Akatsuki attacks Kaname out of anger for hurting her. After Kaname escapes, Yuki offers to heal Ruka with her blood. But Akatsuki sucks the blood from Yuki's wrist and gives it to Ruka through a kiss, finally revealing his love for her.


Hanabusa Aido (night class) *Taken by Lelouch*

Hanabusa Aido (藍堂 英 Aidō Hanabusa?) nicknamed "Idol" by the Day Class girls, Aido is well known among the Night Class along with his cousin Akatsuki to be "Lord Kaname's right hand". His fierce admiration for Kaname borders though extremely loyal, Aido has a tendency to overstep his boundaries, which results in Kaname punishing him if discovered (often by slapping him). A noble-class vampire who can conjure and control ice, Aido often appears cheerful and friendly one moment, but vindictive and cruel the next. In spite of his seeming capriciousness, he is a dedicated and serious individual. A perceptive individual, figures out Zero is a vampire, but he keeps this information to himself without any hidden agenda in mind. He is often irritated at Yuki and her naive ways and he resents the fact Yuki is given special attention from "Lord Kaname". He is temporarily troubled when he witnesses Kaname's killing of a fellow Pureblood and runs away from the Moon Dormitory and imposes himself on Yuki and Zero. Agreeing with Yuki's assertion that he would remain loyal to Kaname even if betrayed by him, he returns to the Pureblood's side.

Aido has difficulty adjusting himself to referring to Yuki in a formal manner following the revelation of her true nature when he is appointed as one of her protectors. During Rido's attack on Cross Academy, Aido protects the Day Class, as ordered by Yuki. Half a year after the incident, Aido becomes Yuki's tutor and protector. After witnessing Kaname kill his father, Aido tries to suppress any hatred towards the Kuran family and collaborates with Yuki to re-establish the Night Class. Hanabusa witnesses Yuki drinking Zero's blood, but refrains from saying anything and instead asks for Rima and Senri to help him snoop around. He follows Kaien in order to track down Kaname but meets instead with his cousin, Kain who blocks his way before leaving him.

When Kain and Ruka arrive back at the Academy, Aido tries to attack them, but they escape. After Kaname sacrifices his heart to the furnace, Hanabusa preserves his idol's body in ice and finds Kaname's notes on transforming vampires into humans. He perfects the process, creating the first method to do so without sacrificing the life of a Pureblood.


Maria Kurenai (Night Class when she joins)

Maria Kurenai (紅 まり亜 Kurenai Maria?) is a very distant relative of Shizuka Hio. She allows Shizuka to possess her body in exchange for being allowed to drink Shizuka's blood, which would strengthen her weak body; though Maria becomes healthier thanks to Shizuka's blood, she will lapse back into a weakened state in daylight. She seems to be fond of Ichiru Kiryu, and she hugs Zero when she mistakes him for Ichiru. She asks Yuki to tell Zero that if he sees Ichiru, to tell him Maria wants to see him again. She returns to her family after Shizuka's death, and when she sends an owl out to search for Ichiru she witnesses Kaname's destruction of the Senate, and proceeds to spread the news.

Maria returns to Cross Academy to support Yuki and the Night Class. She notices the changes in Zero and Yuki's relationship and tells Yuki she intends to take Zero. She becomes closer to Zero, seeking him out and finding the presence of his twin within him. She helps Yuki with retrieving Sara's blood tablets from the Night Class, and tells Yuki that she can't cure Zero's hunger. The two discover Hanadagi's servant, and Zero shows up and orders her to take her to Kaito. Maria encounters Ruka and Kain, and attempts to attack them, but they tell her that they are just passing through.


Rima Touya (Night Class)

Rima Toya (遠矢 莉磨 Tōya Rima?) is one of the youngest Night Class students and she works as a model alongside Senri Shiki. Rima is smart and usually appears uninterested and indifferent. She is often blunt and has a fairly quick temper. She possesses a personality similar to Shiki. Rima possesses lightning or electricity related abilities.[5] She shares a fondness for Pocky with Shiki. After suspecting Shiki has changed upon his return to school, Rima confronts Rido and demands him to leave Shiki's body since she can tell that he is not Shiki. She is wounded by Rido, but is saved by Ichijo. While injured, she tries to convince Shiki to snap out of his state and calls him an idiot for letting Rido control him. Badly wounded, she is sent back to the Moon Dormitory by Ichijo. Rima is later seen at the vampire ball with Shiki and at a photoshoot at a school Sara Shirabuki was spotted at. Rima rejoins the newly established Night Class, but has since become a critic of Kaname's actions.

She becomes worried because Senri has taken the new blood tablets, and rushes to him after Takuma and Sara accompany Zero to the Hunter's Association.


Ruka Souen (Night Class)

Ruka Souen (早園 瑠佳 Sōen Ruka?) is a female noble vampire who provides a stark contrast to Yuki Cross. She is 169 cm tall. Ruka has the ability to weave illusions, thus she can trick enemies into killing each other or themselves. She has been in love with Kaname Kuran since she was a child and thus remains close to him as a faithful friend. However, she ironically remains unaware of Kain's unrequited love for her. She is also long-time friends to her cousins Aido and Kain. She has an intense jealousy towards any humans that raise Kaname's interest. Her character becomes more jealous and disheartened towards the end of the first arc after she learns that Yuki is engaged to Kaname. Despite all this, she continues to maintain an unrequited love for Kaname. Like the rest of the Night Class, she works with Kain and Aido to defend girls in the Day Class during the attack on Cross Academy from hostile vampires.

After Yuki's transformation into her former vampire self, Ruka becomes closer to Yuki, such as giving her etiquette lessons, though she is still intensely jealous of her. While Ruka is kind to Yuki and other girls, she avoids them when she can. Yuki eventually confronts Kaname about her, to which Kaname tells Yuki that it will be a long time before Ruka can forgive him for once drinking her blood, consequently making Ruka believe he loved her but never truly repaying her for the act. In Chapter 81, Ruka helps Kaname get away from Yuki by creating an illusion of Zero killing her, and later apologizes to Kaname about letting Yuki see something horrible. However, in Chapter 83, Ruka protects Zero from Kaname and is severely wounded by his anti-vampire sword. Kaname considers this an act of betrayal and tells her that it is over between them. After Kaname escapes, Ruka finally realizes Akatsuki's love for her when he kisses her, giving Yuki's blood to heal her wounds.


Seiren (Night Class) *Taken by Alexia*

Seiren (星煉 Seiren?) is a student of the Night Class, and is Kaname's unofficial bodyguard. She appears emotionless, never showing anything more than a neutral expression on her face Seiren is usually the first to defend Kaname from anyone regarded as a threat to his safety. She threatens to kill Zero when he threatens Kaname with the Bloody Rose. Seiren also appears to serve Kaname in the capacity of a spy or informant, for example she is the one that tells Kaname that his uncle, Rido, has risen. She practices martial arts to use herself as a weapon against enemies mainly focusing on her intensely sharp finger nails; she also behaves in a manner similar to a ninja, often "vanishing" from sight and reappearing where she's needed. Seiren follows Kaname Kuran at his bidding throughout the course of the story. In the anime, Aido says it's out-of-character for Seiren to lie; she said Kaname ordered the Night Class to protect Yuki right after he dismissed them.


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Senri Shiki (Night Class)

Senri Shiki (支葵 千里 Shiki Senri?) is one of the youngest Night Class students and works alongside Rima Toya as a model. His mother is a former actress, who's become mentally unstable; Senri got his job when someone scouted him when his mother took him to work. When Kaname gives the Night Class orders to hunt down a Level E vampire, Shiki is usually the one seen out hunting them; he's typically out during the day because of his modeling career, so it makes sense. He has a whip-like weapon which develops from his blood. It is later revealed that Shiki is in fact the son of Rido Kuran, meaning he's Kaname and Yuki's cousin. Shiki possesses a personality similar to Rima Toya. He is usually impassive, and often detached to the rest of the vampires except for Rima and Ichijo. He rarely expresses emotion, and may seem like he doesn't care about his surroundings. Because of his reserved nature, he keeps to himself, and never has much to say. Senri's typically seen eating sweets, though he's not too fond of them; his fans often send him sweets because he said he liked them in a magazine interview. He is the only vampire seen not being driven insane by the special blood tablets created by Sara; this may be due to his father being a Pureblood, unlike the other Aristocrats' parents.


Takuma Ichijou (Night Class)

Takuma Ichijo (一条 拓麻 Ichijō Takuma?) is the vice-president of the Night Class. He is an aristocratic vampire nearly as powerful as Kaname, whom he is close to and respects. With his cheerful and enthusiastic demeanor, Ichijo appears very "un-vampire like", lacking the dark atmosphere that surrounds most vampires and making him appear more like a human. Ichijo maintains a close friendship with Senri Shiki. Ichijo is ordered by his grandfather Asato Ichijo to spy on Kaname while attending Cross Academy but refuses out of loyalty for his friend. When Senri Shiki is possessed by Rido Kuran, Ichijo is forced to go against Kaname in order to protect his friends. Once Shiki is freed from Rido's possession, Ichijo rejoins Kaname's side and stops Kaname from killing his grandfather, instead asking that he'd be the one to handle the issue. It appears that Ichijo intended to end his life along with his grandfather's. Takuma was discovered unconscious afterwards by Sara Shirabuki, who said that she always wanted "to have" Takuma. Following the one year time-skip, Takuma remains at Sara Shirabuki's side and cannot return to Kaname's side after being fed with Sara's blood when he was injured, because Sara's blood has been taming him and turn him into her slave. After posing as Sara's brother at the elite school she is scouting, he comes back to the new Night Class formed by Yuki Kuran in Cross Academy, along with Sara, completely under Sara's possession.


Toga Yagari (Vampire Hunter, No class)

Toga Yagari (夜刈 十牙 Yagari Tōga?) is currently the top ranked vampire hunter, as well as the one who trained Zero to be a Vampire Hunter. He lost his right eye trying to save Zero long ago when Zero's old school nurse turned out to be a Level E Vampire and tried to attack both Zero and Ichiru; it is later revealed she was his fiancee, who as attacked by a Pureblood. Yagari told them to leave but in an attempt to help his teacher, Zero refuses and stays. It is during this time that the nurse goes for Zero, that Yagari stands in front of him and gets a blow to his face, losing his right eye. It's later revealed the nurse was his fiancee. He appears at Cross Academy in the guise of being a new Ethics teacher for both the Day Class and the Night Class, but he's really there to see if Zero's become a Level E. One night when Zero tries to drink Yuki's blood, the two fall in a swimming pool and when the emerge from the water Yagari shoots Zero in the shoulder with an anti-vampire gun.

Later when Ichiru returns to confront Zero, they get in a fight. Yagari steps in, and to avoid Ichiru having his sword fall through his face Yagari stands over him and lets the sword fall through his own shoulder. Yagari is shocked to learn the Senate's decision to punish Zero for the death of Shizuka Hio and later reappears to arrest Zero. Yagari subsequently joins the Kaien Cross to protect Cross Academy from the Hunter Association. When Kaien goes to Kaname to stop him after the one year timeskip, he is angry at him and tells him that he should let Kamame kill the Purebloods.


Asato Ichijo (Vampire, no class)

Asato Ichijo (一条 麻遠 Ichijō Asatō?) often referred to as Ichio, is Takuma's grandfather and a member of the Senate. He wanted to become Kaname Kuran's guardian after the death of Kaname's foster parents, but Kaname did not accept; he planned to control the vampire world by having Kaname under his control. Since Kaname did not fit into his plans, Ichio decided to use Rido Kuran, a fool who could be controlled easily if fed enough. Promising the Hunter Society president vampire blood ot maintain her beauty in exchange for favors, Ichio succeeded in being able to subtly manipulate the Hunters; however, he later killed her when disgusted by her intense desire to maintain beauty. He allows Takuma to attend Cross Academy for the purpose of spying on Kaname and was later killed by his grandson who opposed his methods.

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Akatsuki Kain
Hanabusa Aido

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Sure :D sorry it took me so long to reply, sometimes i dont get notifications, ill add your name by theres right now :)

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Sure :)

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