The Devil and Miss Prym The Devil and Miss Prym question

what do u think about the end? specially Prym
Basma Basma May 03, 2014 04:24AM
I did not get how Prym deserves the gold !!!

At first, even I was unsure as to why she deserved the gold, but it entirely lies in her intentions. While she did consider it a possibility that the village would sacrifice an individual for their own earthly gains, it wasn't set in stone in her heart that they could actually come to terms with this and do it -- and when they decide to she is surprised but also comforted knowing that she will able to publicly draw out their weaknesses - as depicted in the last few scenes of her owning her thoughts and her devil and looking past it to the "light". This is why she deserved the gold, she was able to intervene and stop an entire village committing a selfish act simply because she knew that good would prevails.

Or even more simply - she was able to prove the stranger wrong because his belief that Evil prevails was contradicted by her ability to stop the village pursuing with the murder.

at the end she was rewarded for winning the fight with her devil.... and do the right things and fight for what she believe in

Basma wrote: "I did not get how Prym deserves the gold !!!"

She deserves the gold because, although she might not be perfect, she is yet the best character in the novel.
The stranger was overwhelmed with hatred and seeking to understand the world in a, I think, wrong way; by seducing the innocent inhabitants of the village to commit a crime in exchange of the gold. This will cause them to confuse righteousness with necessity and necessity with greed.
On the other hand, the inhabitants adopted the wrong decision, since they decided to unjustly assassinate Berta (because they think she has no use in their lives no more, and they also deceive themselves by trying to adapt to the idea that: 'she is better dead, because she will be besides her deceased husband')
Prym, however, was still convinced that committing a crime is illogical no matter what the price was.
She deserved the 1st bar of gold since she did as agreed with the stranger. She also deserved the other 10 bars because she played a major role in convincing the inhabitants not to murder Berta. If neither the stranger deserves them nor the inhabitants, this leaves only Prym. Else way, no one will profit from them as the novel ends.

a mere theory.

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