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Morticia Knight (authormorticiaknight) | 33 comments Okay, so he was alive – that was a big plus. As Baxter spit sand out of his mouth, shook it out of his hair and brushed it from his eyelashes, he noted that Rodrigo and Guy were also still among the living, which he viewed as an even bigger plus. Literally.

“Ah, guapo, you are unharmed?”

Rodrigo’s ebony eye shone with concern, the patch on the other one slightly askew from the sand swallowing they’d endured. He tore the last tattered remnants of his shirt away as he scrambled to Baxter’s side. Grasping Baxter’s face between his fingers, Rodrigo seemed to be checking him for damage. The pirate’s intense and smoldering gaze hypnotized Baxter into a jellyfish-like state.


They both turned simultaneously towards an irritated looking Guy, sprawled on the remains of the sand that had fallen through the…well fallen through with them. Baxter’s face was smushed and his lips puckered like a sea bass as he attempted to move his head within the grip of Rodrigo’s strong and commanding hands. Considering how much he was enjoying having his face manhandled by Rodrigo, it was rather easy to conclude that he would enjoy some hot pirate manhandling on other areas of his body as well.

“Guy, you are living!”

Rodrigo yanked his hands away from Baxter and rose to his feet, his arms extended to his compatriot. Baxter noted the scowl that Guy directed at Rodrigo in addition to the narrowing of his eyes. Guy leapt to his feet in one jaw dropping move and ripped his puffy-sleeved pirate shirt from his body.

Baxter gulped at the sight of not one, but two broad coppery chests belonging to the most hunklicious men he’d ever seen. Watching them stare each other down, chests heaving, a sheen of sweat on their hard muscles, their dark hair unfettered and wild – Baxter didn’t have a clue as to why he’d ever thought Thor and Loki were hot.

“Yes, Rodrigo, my trusted friend. Or are you?”

“What is this gibberish, Guy? Have we not fought valiantly together as one? Unraveled the complexities of Black Burt’s evil schemes and defended the Crimson Flame with our very lives? Who else would be your trusted friend but me, your brother?”

“Brother?” Baxter squeaked out. “Holy crap.”

Baxter’s lustometer exploded with that stunning revelation, sending him through the roof. He gazed up and around at their surroundings. Well – maybe not the roof. But through whatever mystery covering hovered over them.

Guy nodded, his lips pressed together, his brow furrowed. He regarded Baxter.

“Yes, beautiful guapo, we are blood brothers. Long ago we relinquished the familial ties to which we were born, pledging our allegiance only to the other. We swore an oath, sliced our palms, then mixed our blood. We are the only family the other has – aye – we are the reigning scoundrels of the sea!”

“Aye, aaargh!” Rodrigo took up the cry and they clasped arms in a display of solidarity.

Oh. Well, even if they weren’t actual brothers, they still put the entire cast of Magic Mike to shame.

Using one hand to push himself up while he clutched the book to his chest, Baxter stood and tried not to get all butt hurt that Rodrigo and Guy had seemed to lose interest in him as they spoke enthusiastically to one another in Spanish. Frustrated again that he couldn’t understand anything that they were talking about, he made a mental note to add “learn Spanish” to his life accomplishments list.

Pretending he didn’t care one bit what the two men were discussing without him, he turned the curse guide over and cringed. Andrew was going to filet him like a cod at an English pub when he saw the condition the book was in. Baxter was also more than a little worried whether or not a damaged tome would endanger the chances of saving his pirate admirers. Of course, as intertwined as he’d become in the whole alternative pirate and library reality thingy, there was a bit of a twinge in his stomach as to what might happen to him as well.

“Pretty boy, what troubles you?”

Baxter glanced up from his ponderings to a wonderful view. His new favorite – two perfectly formed naked chests, one with a thick ring adorning its left nipple. It led him to wonder if there were any other parts of Guy’s body that were pierced. Parts he hadn’t seen. Yet. He shook his head as if to make himself focus on things that should be more important than half naked studs – such as staying alive – and answered Guy’s question.

“Oh, I, the book…”

He offered it up for them to view. The spine had been broken during the fall - or as they’d been vacuum sucked through the sand - and the cover was even worse than before.

“I’m afraid it’ll be useless to you both if it gets ruined.”

The men shared a look between them that left Baxter feeling even more left out than he’d thought he was mere moments before. Rodrigo stepped closer to him, Guy closing the distance between them too as if he didn’t want Rodrigo to get too chummy.

“We must confess something to you guapo, and ask that you forgive us. As soon as you agreed to help two scurvy dogs such as ourselves, our fates became intertwined. The gold coin was the final seal that combined our destinies with one another.”

Um, okay. Whatever the hell that meant.

Guy made some sort of growling noise and Rodrigo nudged him with his elbow, his top lip curling up on only one side.
“He is my destiny, brother.”

Rodrigo scowled. “Thar be no better man than me to give him everything he desires.”

“Unless that man were me.” Guy spat on the ground. Or the floor. Whatever.

They resumed the shoving match they’d engaged in earlier and Baxter couldn’t take it anymore. Despite the absolute surety that he would never, ever find any man tail that would exceed his two hunky admirers, they all had bigger fish to fry. His handsome library pirates could fight over who got to have him later, after they were all somewhere that was…somewhere. Because where they were at that moment seemed to be a whole lot of nowhere.

“Guys, guys, guys. Time out.”

Rodrigo gasped, and they both instantly stilled, staring at Baxter in what seemed to be genuine shock.

“My beautiful, sweet guapo. Give me one more chance to win your heart!” Rodrigo appeared crushed, brokenhearted.


He couldn’t follow half of what his pirate suitors talked about. Perhaps there was too much of a cultural difference between them that would be impossible to overcome. An ocean of understanding they would never be able to cross together. Maybe it was wise to banish all thoughts of romantic interludes with stunning, brawny, sexy, obviously well-endowed men who wanted him so desperately.


“Why have you chosen Guy over me?”

“I didn’t choose anyone, I was only trying to get your attention…”


“Look, you guys…I mean, you men, we have a big problem here with this whole being stuck in some mystery world underneath the library that wasn’t really the library but I’m not sure what it was, or…crap.” Baxter sighed like an inflatable beach toy that someone had stepped on. “And anyway, how could I ever choose between either of you? You’re both so hardcore sexy. You make handsome cry and wish it could be as good as you. Hunky woke up, saw the both of you and realized it was pathetic. When the stud gods fashioned you, they knew they would never achieve as great a triumph ever again.”

Rodrigo and Guy turned to one another nodding and shrugging.

“True. We can offer no argument there.”

“I agree. He does have a very valid point.”

Rodrigo looked at Baxter. “Guapo, please understand, we have never been good at sharing, so this is all new to us. We only want to make you happy, on that one point we have an accord, but you must give us some time to adjust.” Rodrigo addressed Guy. “Perhaps I have him the first three days of the week, then you the next three, then alternate every other Sunday?”

Guy pursed his lips. “Why do you get him for the first three?”

Wait, what? Were they negotiating conjugal visits? He was about to get angry when he remembered that they were negotiating conjugal visits. Fuck yeah.

A loud roar interrupted their argument - which was lame with an extra side of lame sauce because his bronzed sex god pirates had been about to finalize the date night schedule – and Rodrigo readied his daggers. Guy brandished his pistol as they both shielded Baxter from the unknown threat.

“We can’t move from this black void until we regain the coin!”

“Aye, Rodrigo my brother, we have no choice but to fight the monsters of the dark realm. Undoubtedly, they have captured the golden relic in an attempt to condemn us to this vast arena of nothingness.”

“Wait, you dudes know where we are?” Baxter seriously needed to take a solid semester of Alternative Library Realities 101 before they went any further.

“Let’s just say that thar be different monsters down here. The kind that are very ruthless – they won’t even let you negotiate with them at all.” Guy shook his head as if he were disappointed in the troublemaking black void monsters. “They’re not like the library monsters who aren’t too bad once they get to know you.”


Baxter scolded himself. The reality of impending raw nasty sex with his soon-to-be pirate lovers was preventing him from focusing on the whole ‘monster’ thing. If he were just a tad smarter, he would worry about that threat. Of course, had he been a tad smarter, he probably wouldn’t have moved impulsively to a city where he didn’t know anyone just to get away from his no good cheating asshole of a fiancé. In which case he never would have met the two sexiest men in the universe. Or any of the universes that were out there. So it was probably for the best if he didn’t get any smarter.

The roar sounded again, this time louder. And closer.

“The coin! I see it glimmer ahead!”

Guy rushed towards the darkness, his pistol pointing at some unseen menace.

Rodrigo gazed down at Baxter, an almost maniacal gleam in his one eye.

“This is it guapo, we live through this together or we die as one. Let’s help our man fight!”

Rodrigo charged ahead, and Baxter hurried after him. As he was weaponless and unable to even use one properly had there been one at his disposal, he figured the whole death thing was a likely outcome. However, he didn’t plan to give in so easily. As a matter of fact, he had a renewed sense of purpose. If they survived their bizarre adventure, he would be getting laid times two by one hundred percent grade A choice meat.

Suck on that Steve.

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L.E. Franks (lefranks) | 6 comments Love it!

message 3: by Kim (new)

Kim (dephal) | 16 comments Morticia wrote: "Okay, so he was alive – that was a big plus. As Baxter spit sand out of his mouth, shook it out of his hair and brushed it from his eyelashes, he noted that Rodrigo and Guy were also still among th..."

Yeah, Steve. Baxter's way better off now, mortal danger notwithstanding.

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Paul | 30 comments More great stuff! :)

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Morticia Knight (authormorticiaknight) | 33 comments :-)

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