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message 1: by A (new)

A H Thoughts on this book?

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

I love it

message 3: by Aida (new)

Aida  (mrsflowers) | 28 comments i'm in love with this book because it's perfect. Team Maxon <3

message 4: by A (new)

A H I started it today and finished it today itself!! Couldn't keep it down....and I'm team Maxon too!!

message 5: by Emma Belle (new)

Emma Belle (EmmsterBelle) Picking it up from library today. I put it on hold 2 wks ago but there were 60 holds before me!

message 6: by Praise (new)

Praise A | 4 comments I am in love with this book and series. It is amazing.

message 7: by Myrah (new)

Myrah | 6 comments I LOVE this book I bought The One even though is already read it:P

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