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message 1: by Srividya (new)

Srividya Vijapure (theinkedmermaid) | 221 comments Am sorry :( :( :(

message 2: by Srividya (new)

Srividya Vijapure (theinkedmermaid) | 221 comments Lets forget it...ok??? *Hugs* :)

message 3: by Holly, That Geeky One (new)

Holly (hollycoulson) | 1949 comments Mod
You've been doing really well! ;D

Well done!

message 4: by Karen (new)

Karen | 289 comments Nice range of books :)

Have fun with your May reading

message 5: by Camille (new)

Camille (camillesbookishadventures) | 812 comments What did you think of the Hitchhiker's Guide? I found it pretty funny.

message 6: by Alessandra (new)

Alessandra (chibisuke) | 266 comments Are you enjoying Death Note, Shinjini? :)
congratulations on reading so many books already!

message 7: by Alessandra (new)

Alessandra (chibisuke) | 266 comments Glad to hear that you love it! :D Taking a break isn't that bad sometimes. It would be sad if you would stop enjoying it :(
Yes, I actually own the Black Edition :D it's one of my favorite mangas, I think. It's really realistic considering it being published in Weekly Shounen Jump when it was created. You don't see that as often as you sometimes wish. :) I also like Ohbas other manga called "Bakuman", but it wasn't as great as Death Note. Still very good thought and it shows you the life of a mangaka rather well, I guess.

message 8: by Alessandra (new)

Alessandra (chibisuke) | 266 comments hehe, you could say that. I was a huge Anime&Manga fan as a teenager and still enjoy them. Oh I happily will share my knowledge with you if you are interested :D

message 9: by Alessandra (new)

Alessandra (chibisuke) | 266 comments Ok, here comes lesson one :D

Enigma Vol. 1 is a rather short manga, but I thought it's first story was really interesting and rather clever. The second half unfortunately felt a bit forced, but was still good.

One Piece, Volume 01: Romance Dawn is a very long manga that is published for over 10 years now (I think around 15 or something). It's everyones darling, because 99.9% love it. I really loved it until about 600 chapters in where I stopped reading. I might pick it up again one day thought... just to find out how it finished.

Naruto, Vol. 01: The Tests of the Ninja is also very well loved and not as long as One Piece, but still rather long. I think One Piece and Naruto are the most popular one.

If you don't mind something a bit more gory I would recommend Doubt, Vol. 1 and Judge, Tome 1 : and if you don't mind gore at all Deadman Wonderland Volume 1. A lot of people really love Attack on Titan, Vol. 1, but I only saw the anime so far (which was mind blowing, I'm definitely gonna pick up this manga one day).

I could give name a lot of other mangas, but I don't know how interested you are in gag, love and sports mangas :) I also heard of a classics turned into mangas project, but haven't taken a look at it. It's basically classics like Les Mis turned into mangas :)

message 10: by Amber (new)

Amber (amberterminatorofgoodreads) Hey Shinjini you can also read manga for free online too. Like I read one for The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and it was pretty good

You can read it here at this link:

message 11: by Amber (new)

Amber (amberterminatorofgoodreads) No problem Shinjini. :) Happy reading!

message 12: by Alessandra (new)

Alessandra (chibisuke) | 266 comments Do itashimashite. Senpai is going to keep enlightening her little kohai :D
If you can't find a specific manga on mangahere there is also :) I read most mangas there :3

message 13: by Alessandra (new)

Alessandra (chibisuke) | 266 comments Oh no, don't worry! I'm a huge scardy cat, too! They aren't that scary. Stay away from Higurashi no naka koro ni thought... I want to read it one day, but after watching the anime I'm still a bit scared. That was a creepy one :(
ÄDoubt & Judge are more on the psychological side & Dead,an Wonderland just has a lot of bloody fighting scence in it 'cause it's set in a prison. It isn't scary at all! :)

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