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What a total waste of time

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Sue I used to read everything that had James Patterson's name on it. Then I got bored with some of it and I only read the Private series and the Alex Cross series. After reading Private LA, I don't plan to read any more of that series so will only read the Alex Cross series. If that series deteriorates...then Patterson will be off my author list!

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I am a fan of James Patterson. I read all the Alex Cross novels and enjoyed each one even the one that left me feeling quite eerie. I think that one was Cross Country. I enjoyed reading the Private series that included Jack. I was not able to immerse myself in the London book. I gave up after a few chapters and didn't even attempt the Berlin book. I hope there will be a followup in the series featuring Jack. Now that Justine has walked a mile in Jack's shoes, I wonder what that will do to the relationship.

Faatz I totally agree. "Private LA" was a train wreck of a book. The subplot with the terrorists was the only thing about it that was half way decent. The major plot about the kidnapping of a Hollywood power couple was a major yawn. I can only conclude that James Patterson is demented, or the co-writer is a complete and utter amateur who was hired by the publisher to write most of the book because Patterson didn't want to write a big book by himself. Stay away!

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