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message 1: by Nicki (new)

Nicki Markus (nickijmarkus) Dear All

As well as being a writer, I have studied editing and am now launching a freelance career in editing and proofreading. I am doing some work for an online publisher, but am also happy to hear from independent authors looking for editing assistance. I have had some experience working with three different publishers and one indie author over the last two years, but since I am still fairly new on the scene, I can offer very reasonable rates.

Please feel free to contact me and I am happy to provide a no obligation quote for any work.

message 2: by Firequill (new)

Firequill | 7 comments Hi Nicki, I would like to get your rates please and what you charge. You can email me at

message 3: by NJ (new)

NJ Danner (njdanner) | 2 comments Hi Nicki. I would like to get a quote on your services. I had an editor that did a nice job but then fell off the face of the Earth. My proofreader did NOT do a good job and now I am looking for someone to proofread ASAP.
NJ Danner

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