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Bulletin Board > Should authors offer Kindle books for $.99 to get maximum exposure, or is that just undervaluing our work?

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message 1: by Boyd (new)

Boyd Lemon (goodreadscomboydlemon) | 17 comments All of my Kindle books are on sale for $.99, including my new novel, my three memoirs and my two volumes of short stories. I decided to do this in recognition that I am not trying to make a living from writing. I am retired. My interest is in getting my writing and ideas "out there" to as many people as possible, and lowering the price to less than a dollar seems to be the way to do that. Please check out my books here.

I'm sure you know that even if you don't have a Kindle reader, you can download Kindle software for free for any device you have here.

message 2: by OrWhat (new)

OrWhat (awewhat) | 538 comments If you have everything available for free or only 99 cents how do you do any promotional work? Most sites require price to be discounted for you to advertise.

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