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Title: Tarnish
Author: J.D. Brink
Summary: Silver, they call it, the light of the full moon: celestial magic that changes men into beasts and calls the dead from their graves—and young men to their destiny...

When his village is attacked by creatures from Blood Marsh, Billy Cole volunteers to find help. But it’ll take more than a sword and the inspiring tales of his legendary idols to survive the harsh world beyond Redfield. Taking the name Wil Thunderstrike, he sets off to save his home and begin his own heroic legacy.

On Fate’s fickle course, sixteen-springs-old Wil Thunderstrike will become a storyteller, adventurer, and thief; discover romance, danger, and betrayal; and return home both a hero and a villain.



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Saritha | 19 comments i'm interested

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Saritha wrote: "i'm interested"

Please contact the author to get the book.

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J.D. Brink Sorry, I've been busy. I'll get it to you directly, Saritha! And thanks, Ruchi!

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