Fetch Fetch question

What are you most looking forward to about the Fetch release?
Courtney Judd Courtney May 02, 2014 08:29AM
I am excited about having a new family favorite book to read to my baby and my nieces and nephews! By the cover art alone, I can see that it'll be fun to look at and have the kids point out different objects to name.

And based on Sidwell's other works, I trust that the text will be equally as satisfying as the illustrations. He has a way of capturing the spirit of childhood that endears the reader and invokes a pleasant feeling of nostalgia.

I can't wait!! Who else is as pumped as I am?! How come?

After funding the project on Kickstarter, I am excited to see the finished product. I saw the cover reveal on Facebook and can't wait to read the book with my kids, and for them to read it to each other. Really, though, this is just another great read for all ages from Mr. Adam Sidwell! Hooray for Fetch! #gofetchthebook

My daughter and I have enjoyed reading Adams other books together and so excited for my son (4yr) to get to enjoy a book by Adam. The illustrations already have him captivated!!

I have enjoyed reading Adam Sidwell's two previous books "Evertaster" and "The Buttersmith's Gold" His infectious enthusiasm makes for an entertaining, riveting, read. I can hardly wait for "Fetch"

I'm so excited to have a book by Adam Sidwell that I can read to my younger nieces and nephews! His other books are nonstop page turners and I'm sure that kids and adults will love his new book. The artwork looks amazing!

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