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Natalie | 24 comments Hi All

Danielle Rohr author of Denali Skies, A Seasonal Girl's Alaskan Odyssey and the Water Falls Down series is thrilled to participate in the New Adult Book Club Q&A. Her stories fall under a small concentrated niche: She likes to incorporate travel and nature into her stories. Growing up as a native Californian, she can't help but draw inspiration from natural phenomena. Is there sex in her stories? Yes. Is there drug use in her stories? Yes. The pushing of boundaries and testing limits through personal (New Adult) risk, is parallel to the extreme and pressurized way the natural world functions. Danielle tries to capture this concept with her stories.
She has a Bachelor's degree in Social Science, which is the science of understanding human behaviors and cultural patterns. Influences of this type of thinking can be found throughout her writing.

Tonight the three heavy hearted beings lie there, shivering in the big open forest. Shivering not from the cold, but

because whatever it is that causes them to be locked up and insecure is consuming their emotions and their balance. One by

one they retreat to an inner battle of thoughts, doubts, and desires before submitting to a restless night’s sleep. One last

concern sprints through Lynn’s mind before she dreams: “What if we go crazy here, and if we do . . . how crazy can it

get?” - Water Falls Down - Danielle Rohr

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Danielle Rohr (wybearpress) | 30 comments Hi everyone,
Spring is here, and with it; lots of new promotions. This coming Friday; May 9th, I will be hosting a Kindle giveaway of Denali Skies A Seasonal Girl's Alaskan Odyssey. Wybear Press is also preparing to select club mediators to receive a National Park Reading Club Pass! You can learn more on Denali Skies Facebook page. Anyways . . . that's not the point for our Q&A. I would love to invite any questions or suggestions. Intrigue me!
Here are a few subjects I thought would be fun to share:
What was your inspiration for Water Falls Down? A. I pulled a lot of influence from the old Box Car Children series, but with intentions of developing a more twisted and dark story.

Are you working on any writing projects now? A. Yes. I'm letting a first draft of a "travel abroad(backpack style) story marinate for awhile, before diving into some aggressive revisions.

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