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message 1: by Sara (new)

Sara (whoaitssara) | 7 comments Mod
We are getting so close to the end! I can't believe how amazing this story is!

message 2: by Lindsey (new)

Lindsey Rey | 5 comments Shallan's Storyline:
I know this is Shallan's POV but I HAVE TO TALK ABOUT JASNAH. Jasnah is MY FAVORITE: she's kindhearted and tough, and smart, and kickass, and she thinks about things like morality, and she's so well-rounded that I JUST LOVE HER. OMG SHE IS THE BEST!!! She officially has my favorite (comedic) line in the book so far:

"I brought bread as well," Kabsal said..."I thought maybe I could bring this and..."
"And what?" Jasnah asked. "Absolve yourself? 'I'm sorry I drove you to suicide Here's some bread.'"

I was laughing so hard I was crying. HOW AWESOME IS SHE????

Okay, so actually focusing on Shallan - Throughout this whole section of the book I was basically screaming at her (mostly in my head, but a little bit out loud in my apartment) "TELL JASNAH EVERYTHING THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE THE TRUTH SHALLAN THE TRUUUUUTH" <-- Pretty much exactly like that. I jut wanted her to tell Jasnah everything and when she finally gets a chance to at the end SHE STILL DOESN'T TELL HER ABOUT THE CREEPY Symbol-head invisible guys (I forgot what Shallan calls them).

Speaking of the symbol-heads: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? What? Okay, so why can Shallan see them when she takes a mind picture but not see them regularly? Is her art magic? And holy shit the scene where she is running from them is so creepy and awesome and then when it climaxes with Shallan soulcasting an object into blood and then covering it by cutting herself I was seriously FREAKING OUT. I want to know what those things are, why Shallan can see them, and what kind of magic Shallan has if any.

So I guess the last thing I want to talk about in Shallan's storyline is Kabsal. Okay so in a handful of chapters (like less than 10 right?) we go through this with Shallan:
Step 1 - Ardent spends lots of time flirting with you over bread
Step 2 - Lots more jokes with bread and jam
Step 3 - Ardent tells her he would quit his job, leave the religion, and get knocked down multiple levels because he is so in love with her.
Step 4 - Ardent continues to be in love with her. Shallan is confused. Tells him she is leaving.
Step 5 - Ardent dies.
Step 6 - Turns out the bread from Step 1 had poison on it meant for Jasnah.
I mean Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? The amount that Brandon Sanderson was able to manipulate my emotions here was pretty intense. I really thought Kabsal was kind at the beginning of this section and then it turns out he almost killed her. Damn. I am still processing this. Who sent him if most of the ardents didn't really know him????

Kaladin's Storyline:
I think the most interesting part of Kal's story in Part 3 is all of the revelations we get about his past. His innocent little brother was forced to join the army by an asshole. His parents are still alive (I pictured them dead for some reason, did anyone else?). And most importantly, HE REFUSED A SHARDBLADE AND SHARDPLATE. WHAAAAAAT? It makes sense though after watching his friends get slaughtered by it. :/

Fun Fact: Okay, so I actually kind of knew about the shardblade already because I met Brandon Sanderson a few weeks ago at a convention. During one of the panels/sessions he did, he and Patrick Rothfuss started talking about how many words they write that never get publish, ie: delete scenes, and how it would be awesome to make an anthology with these deleted scenes. Well long story short, Brandon Sanderson originally wrote the ENTIRE Way of Kings book where Kaladin took the shardblade instead of refusing it and basically none of this Bridge Four stuff happened. Then he threw the whole thing out because it was boring, haha.

Anyway, I am glad we know a lot more about Kaladin's past. It certainly clears a lot of things up, and I don't think there are anymore questions I have about it. I figure we will soon learn about how exactly Tien died, but I don't think that will be a major insight or anything. The fact that he died is intense in itself.

As for the present, that highstorm scene was AWESOME!! Similarly like I was screaming at Shallan, I was totally screaming at Teft after that point TELL HIM HE HAS POWERS TELL HIM TELL HIM TELL HIM. I want him to find out about his powers so bad! He is going to become even more of a badass when that happens. I really wonder how he is going to rescue Bridge Four but I have a feeling it is connected to his powers.

LOVED PART 3!!! So excited for Part 4! Nothing too exciting for me in any of the interlude chapters. Except I do wonder if Szeth will ever cross paths with any of the main characters. Hmmmm.

Probably not going to be able to stop myself from finishing this book this weekend :/ hahaha

message 3: by Sara (new)

Sara (whoaitssara) | 7 comments Mod
Oh kay. That part was just...

I had my ups and downs and probably would have finished it sooner if I saw more of Dalinar. I mean like come on Sanderson don't do that to me again. hah just kidding but really I'm obsessed with him..

I have so much I want to talk about so this is probably going to be a long one!

First we have Shallan . Well for me Shallan wasn't the most excited character in the beginning and this was part of the reason why I didn't read faster. I was just bored by her, or rather annoyed. I knew I didn't want her to steal the soulcaster but all the back and forth she did was slightly annoying. Though thinking back I did enjoy watching her learn and grow, the studies seemed so unimportant to the story but was still a major part by the end of part three.

Kabsal was just ahh! I liked him so much for Shallan though I will say his "feelings" developed quite fast. I appreciate that Sanderson didn't have Shallan deeply in love with Kabsal that quickly, that she liked him but not in love with him. I just couldn't believe what he did! I agree with you Lindsey, my emotions in that little time with him was thoroughly manipulated!

Jasnah! Okay I really really enjoy Jasnah's character! She is funny and witty and smart and just knows so much! I was kind of surprised she didn't know that Shallan took the soulcaster but we shall see where this opening goes. I don't know how I feel about her just sending Shallan back! I know it's Shallan's fault for not telling her ANYTHING including the creepy dudes, but I want Jasnah to help Shallan! Not even with her family just with her in general! The soulcaster/whatever the heck Shallan did was crazy and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time! I want to know what is going on there and Lindsey, what you said about magical drawings?! That makes so much sense! Like she is really good at drawing so why not make that some sort of link between something. I don't does that makes sense?! hah. Overall I really enjoy Jasnah and can't wait to see more of her!

Okay now time for Kaladin!! I have so much to say about Kaladin. First of all I LOVE HIM! He is such a tortured soul. Something I find interesting is that he is always 'depressed' during a weeping. Which means for some reason, that is getting clearer by the chapter, he and highstorms are connected! Also the part where he was a highstorm was so dang cool!!! And when he met Adolin I was so excited and was hoping Dalinar was going to show up but alas he did not.

Now the part where he was IN the highstorm and how Syl was helping him and Teft and just WHAT! I want to know who Teft is so bad and how he knows what Kaladin is. Also WHAT IS KALADIN?! hah. So much of his past was revealed and just, I feel so bad for him. It's so sad about what happened with Tien and how he was trying to save boys like Tien when he was a soldier! Gah just rip my heart out.

I also had a feeling that he hated the Amaram (is that how you spell it. I'm an awful speller!) because he killed a Shardbearer and Amaram took the blade though with everything that is Sanderson I could not predict what actually happened.

Oh and his parents! I kind of knew that his parents weren't dead because of my brother but we still really don't know if they are dead now or not!

There is more that I probably want to say but my brain is just mush at the moment and I just want to keep reading! So for now this will have to do!

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