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message 1: by Alberto (new)

Alberto | 49 comments This is the last T&T book for me

message 2: by Malcolm (new)

Malcolm Noble Not one of the good ones. Tommy and Tuppence are weak books, I think. Keep away from spy stories, Aggie

message 3: by Randee (new)

Randee Baty I enjoy the Tommy and Tuppence stories. I think Partners in Crime is better than this one but I always enjoy their characters.

message 4: by Mark Pghfan (new)

Mark Pghfan | 95 comments I know a lot of Christie fans are pretty lukewarm about the Tommy and Tuppence books, but this is probably the best of the novels they feature in. Yes, it is more like her "thrillers" rather than the straightforward mysteries of Poirot or Marple, but a very pleasant and breezy read and not without its own plot twists.

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