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Master of the Sidhe
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED Medieval Sci-Fi from the 80's. Possibly based on a Celtic tale? [s]

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Ron Locke | 2 comments I read a book in the mid to late 80's that was kind of a Medieval Sci-Fi. I believe it mentioned that it was based of a Celtic tale. I remember the cover very well which might help. It was a white background with 2 people hiding behind a rock(?) while a large black robot/knight with a red laser eye was looking for them. Don't remember much about the story, just that I enjoyed it. I believe it was also a series of books.

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Andy Love | 2000 comments Reminds me of this short story by Jeff Duntemann http://www.duntemann.com/guardian.htm

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Michele | 280 comments Hmm, I think Kenneth C. Flint had something like this, where the Formorians were actually aliens or maybe from the future or at least way advanced scientifically?

It's been a looong time since I read his stuff though and I don't think the tech was very obvious, it read very much like fantasy. And I could be out of my mind on this one.

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Ron Locke | 2 comments Bingo! It was Master of the Sidhe by Kenneth Flint. Thanks Michele!

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Michele | 280 comments Oo cool I was just hunting down the cover I remembered.

Master of the Sidhe (Sidhe Legends, #3) by Kenneth C. Flint

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