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message 1: by Nick (last edited May 01, 2014 11:42AM) (new)

Nick (doily) | 965 comments Here's a general topic for people who have finished reading The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson.


But please...


Lindsey | 366 comments Question: I'm assuming we should still mark spoilers for book 2 if we've finished that, yes?

I finished Way of Kings back when it came out and am about 70% of the way through a re-read. As a kickoff volume to a long series, I loved it. I actually like it even more on a re-read (admittedly after reading the second volume, as well). I think Sanderson's character work has steadily improved and it shows in this series.

message 3: by Nick (new)

Nick (doily) | 965 comments Lindsey wrote: "Question: I'm assuming we should still mark spoilers for book 2 if we've finished that, yes?

I finished Way of Kings back when it came out and am about 70% of the way through a re-read. As a kick..."

Yes, please NO SERIES SPOILERS. I will edit the first post.

Athena Shardbearer | 13 comments I have to say that The Way of Kings was amazing...but Words of Radiance was way better than the first.

Taha Shabbir | 6 comments Brilliant book. I particularly enjoyed Kaladin's parts, but sometimes they were too dreary. And Dalinar's visions really pulled me in.

aPriL does feral sometimes  (cheshirescratch) | 205 comments I really liked how Sanderson explored the crisis of faith each character had and how each character had to put their lives back together after discovering the world was not what they thought.

That said, my favorite one was Syl.

Athena Shardbearer | 13 comments I agree^

I have to say Dalinar and Syl are my favorites.

aPriL does feral sometimes  (cheshirescratch) | 205 comments I thought Dalinar was the most admirable and best drawn individual. I know I was supposed to like Kaladin the best, but I didn't. I liked him, though, as second best guy.

Athena Shardbearer | 13 comments I agree. I didn't really like Kaladin till book two.

Brenda ╰☆╮    (brnda) | 82 comments Kaladin and Syl drew me in.

Sandi (sandikal) | 338 comments Athena (Shardbearer) wrote: "I have to say that The Way of Kings was amazing...but Words of Radiance was way better than the first."

I completely agree. I also really like how he doesn't show you everything at once and doesn't over-explain. Even by the end of the second book, we still don't know what the high storms or the spren are.

Brenda ╰☆╮    (brnda) | 82 comments I haven't read the 2nd book yet.

message 13: by DavidO (last edited May 03, 2014 03:48PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

DavidO (drgnangl) | 3 comments Pretty good book. Not my favorite epic fantasy at this point, but definitely easy to read and interesting. I'd like it more if it didn't feel stretched to make it long, and the characters were a little more interesting. None of the characters so far have really struck a chord with me, although they seem like nice enough people.

Stacie Wilson | 4 comments I really like that despite the book being long, and sometimes philosophy heavy (no complaints) it never felt like Sanderson was holding out. There was usually a reason for the delaying a reveal, and the obvious bits playing out in that way had a "rightness" that made it satisfying rather than predictable. Starting the next book tonight. +1 for the Dalinar fan club :)

message 15: by Patrick (last edited May 16, 2014 12:16PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Patrick Bran | 15 comments Loved it. Excellent characterization. Would have given it five stars but for two things.
1. Kindle version does not appear to be the final draft. It is filled with missing words, misspellings, incorrect character names...
2. The interludes(those that did not involve Szeth). The book is long enough without them. I'm sure they will become relevant in the future, but for now they only served to drag me away from the story line.

Athena Shardbearer | 13 comments Sandi wrote: "Athena (Shardbearer) wrote: "I have to say that The Way of Kings was amazing...but Words of Radiance was way better than the first."

I completely agree. I also really like how he doesn't show you..."

I like how he surprises you with things like that. You think you have an idea of how things will go and then things change.

Richard Guion (giantsizegeek) | 17 comments I will also echo Athena's comment. I think in the first novel there are long sections of Kaladin as a slave in the bridge four crew; while those are interesting, the pace picks up in book two because his role has changed. Also the other secondary characters are fleshed out more.

By the time I finished Way of Kings I immediately plunged into Words of Radiance. And now that I finished that I am having withdrawal pains.

carol.  | 173 comments I am probably in the minority here, but while I enjoyed the general writing style, I found it parts of it extremely tedious. Sanderson is immersive, no doubt, but I felt like I was waiting for some plot tension to drive me along. The bits with the caravan and the like were also puzzling, as they didn't lead anywhere. I get that he's planning a large series, but I think we've all been there with the Wheel of Time, and I don't relish the thought of having to re-read just do understand in book three that a plot line he started in book one is finally bearing fruit.

message 19: by Sumant (new)

Sumant | 202 comments Here is my review of Way of kings

Suzanne | 98 comments Carol, that is a valid point (about remembering plotlines). I have the same worry because of Wheel of Time, but I have hope it'll be ok! If the books come out regularly, without multiple years in between, that will help!

Patrick Bran | 15 comments I think Carol is touching on the same issue I mentioned earlier regarding the interludes. I too felt those plot threads might be coming in a little too soon to be effective.

I have just completed WoR and I can tell you that Sanderson continues this format in the second book. However, while I considered the interludes to be a minor failure in the first volume, they were a glowing success in the second. They were relevant, engaging and gave enough hints of future plot snarls to add the desired mystery for which I believe they were intended.

If you have finished WoK and are on the fence at all about picking up WoR, I urge you to take the chance. It will be worth it.

Suzanne | 98 comments Thanks Patrick - that is good to know!

message 23: by Sumant (new)

Sumant | 202 comments Ya I am too thinking of buying WoR hard copy reading it.

Brenda ╰☆╮    (brnda) | 82 comments Not sitting on any fences here!

Already bought, the day it came out, in fact.

Brenda ╰☆╮    (brnda) | 82 comments I'm really behind on many books, so little time.... and now I need to speed read, so I can move on to WoR.

Does anyone remember/ know if most people can or can't see spren?

I just read a section about Syl, where Kaladin states she is invisible.
I've read the book before, but am drawing a blank on this.

Patrick Bran | 15 comments Brenda. Most spren are visible to all. In WoK, Syl is special (bonded to Kaladin). This all becomes clearer in WoR.

Brenda ╰☆╮    (brnda) | 82 comments Thanks! That's what I remembered; just making sure I didn't miss/forget something.

Helen Finished it yesterday and I loved it. I actually wrote a review which I seldom do. Clearly, it was too much of a shock for GR as it crashed and disappeared.

I loved the characters, the story line, the money, magic. The interludes were interesting although I won't remember the names for the future. Still, Sanderson is a good writer so I'm sure he'll bear that in mind.

I only remember finding two typos in my UK kindle version. The teacher in me always spots grammar, unlike my auto-correct! Think I've corrected this post at least!

Helen Oh, think I'm going straight on to WOR, as I'm hating my current read.

Brenda ╰☆╮    (brnda) | 82 comments Yay!!!

I mean that you are going to WoR, not that you don't like you're current read.

My auto correct catches me off guard all the time.

The tiny window (my text screen) is not conducive for catching mistakes.

Helen They really are annoying. I sent a text to my mum and wondered why her reply was so baffling. Then I read my text and so many words were altered that it made no sense at all. I'm loving WoR

Suzanne | 98 comments I just finished the book today - loved it. A year ago after being so burned out on Wheel of Time I had decided not to read this series, but I'm so glad I changed my mind!

Juston Fenton Wow, I just finished this last night. I have to admit that Fantasy isn't my favourite genre, so I struggled with the start. However before long I was hooked and wanting more.

I'm looking forward to reading Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson and picking up where this epic finished.

message 34: by Bob (new) - rated it 4 stars

Bob (bobwill) | 40 comments Recently read WoR and I agree with many posters that it was even better than WoK (which was excellent). The books are long, but very engaging. Very unique world.

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