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What do the W.Ws stand for in Hales name?

@what Jennifer said. That would be super cool. :3

No idea, I have no clue what the W.W. stands for, hopefully we will find out soon x

No guesses, but I read somewhere, that she said if she ever tells she won't do it until the last page of the last book.

I don't think we'll ever find out, it's like if she tells us, then Hale will become less mysterious and enticing

zoe agreed
Nov 25, 2014 03:59PM

Well, she definitely writing a fourth book. Maybe she finally say.

Anyone have a guess?

I know! I'm so confused. Ally Carter may be writing a fourth book so maybe it'll be in there. I really hope his name isn't Scooter.

Erlyn I kind of agree with Andrew acually
Nov 25, 2014 11:48AM

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