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Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 1031 comments Mod
I was on my way into the pool yesterday when a thought hit me. I am a superhero. My suit is my costume, my towel my cape and my goggles my mask. I get into that water and I am in my element. I am unstoppable. I am capable of anything in that pool. I am AquaGirl! O.K. so the name is a little lame, but you get my point. I was swimming along yesterday when a woman in the next lane,which is for the aqua-exercisers,said to me that she was impressed with my stamina and inquired to how far I had gone. I told her I was on 51 and 52, one lap to go to a 3/4 mile. She was impressed and even more so when I told her that I do that 2x's a week. She told me that I was in inspiration to her to do more. I was not humbled by that comment as I am not that arrogant, but overwhelmed to think that I could inspire anyone to do anything other than run from the room to get away from my chatty self.

I commented on this state of inspiration to my lifeguard, who greatly agreed with this idea. "You go far!" she said. "I can't do a mile." was her next comment. The aquatics director also echoed the idea that I do do a lot and that I am inspiration to others even if I don't see it. My life guard said that I am a ripple effect. (Hmmm, that sounds familiar...) I was in the hot tub (they call it a spa) a few weeks ago after swimming. (I find that 5 minutes in does wonders for the after workout soreness) when a random patron who was in there already, looked at me and said, " I saw you while I was working out upstairs. You're backstroke looked so professional. I was really impressed." I thanked him for the compliment. (The work out room overlooks the pool. Not creepy stalker guy by the way.) He went on to say that he can't swim and is always amazed by people who do, but that I had made it look so easy. I thanked him again. Just last week I had an older man who is taking the adult learn to swim classes comment on my technique and stated that he hopped to be where I am someday. He said that he had been noticing me while he did aqua exercises and decided that swimming may be even better for him.

I am a left with a grand sense of "Who me?" I cannot see what makes me an inspiration. I mean I am used to the under 12 set thinking I'm cool because I know about Pokemon, or Yugi-Oh!, or some video game. I am used to that. I am not used to adults telling me that I am an inspiration, or that frankly I am anything but a disappointment, something to be loathed, hidden away or what have you. I ma used to down the nose looks, looks of disgust, or open hostility at times for my size. I am not used to having people being supportive, which I have found from random patrons at both branches of the Y, the staff (who truly mean it) and even from sources I never thought
possible, like here.

So, I guess I am a kinda superhero. I am ME! and that is a pretty good thing. I guess that makes us ALL superheroes because we are who we are.....cant' wait to put on my suit and cape tomorrow and do it all again.

message 2: by Narzain (new)

Narzain | 194 comments Yes, you are a superhero. And at least part of what makes you an inspiration is the fact that you _do_. You get in that pool twice a week. You do 3/4 of a mile (at least) each time. You nanny very well. You bake seriously awesome cookies.

To the rest of us, who _don't_, someone who _does_ is impressive and, yes, inspirational.

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