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James pulled the car to a stop. Both him and Markus slammed the doors to the SUV and walked around back. "You get the girl." Markus ordered then went up to his office. James opened the trunk and grabbed Eira, not giving her a chance to attack or escape.

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Eira let out a yelp and tried to kick, but it didn't work. She was grabbed again and picked up roughly.

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"There's no use fighting, girl." James said. He carried her into a dirty cellar. He shoved her in and slammed the door, leaving her in the dark.

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"I'm always going to fight!" She screamed at the door, punching the wall.

"Oh!" She yelped clutching her hand. shouldn't of done that. Oh, ouch... Oooouuuuch. Eira cried sinking down to the floor. She shot a burst of snow out of her good hand at an empty wall- letting go of some steam.

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A girl a little younger than Eira was in the cellar too. She was silent in the corner, but now whimpered at the sight of the odd girl. Her face was dirty, her clothes torn. She looked like she hadn't eaten a good meal in weeks, maybe months.

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Eira kept blaring ice at the ceiling, letting out her frustration.

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Markus stomped angrily. "Quiet down there!" He shouted at the girls.

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"MAKE ME!" She shouted back- releasing a wave of snow under the door.

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Markus jerked open the door. He came inside and turned on a light. Slamming the door shut, he stepped towards Eira, whip in hand. The small girl hid her face.

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((Can eira blast him?))

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((She can hahs but James will have to hurt her xP))

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((Woah why?))

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((Ah- I see. But couldn't she blast him too? See in thinking that she will blat him and then James walked in gets angry and knocks her out- draggs her out if the room and abuses her (view spoiler) and then he wakes up back in the cell?))

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((Yeah, sounds good))

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Eira growled and shot ice at Markus's hand, throwing th whip out. "HOW DARE OUNPICK ON CHILDREN! WHAT KIND OF SICKO ARE YOU?!" Screamed blaring him giants the wall and burying him in snow.

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"Teach this girl a lesson!" Markus barked at James. James knocked Eira out and dragged her out of the cellar and into the building.

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((That was fast lol.))

Before she was knocked out Eira blasted Markus again.

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((Haha. Had to be cuz Markus is getting ready to sell the other girl.))

Markus sputtered and wiped the snow out of his face. "D*mn elementals..." He grumbled and got to his feet. "You." He said, pointing at the girl, who knew what fate awaited Eira. "Lets go." Markus lead her out of the cellar and into the SUV.

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..... Eiras knocked out.....

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dany (elothwen) ((Uh....can you ask before you make stuff? Seriously, this is the second time.))

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dany (elothwen) ((Why is there just a random hideout in town? Plus, this is seriously dramatic. They're gonna be in trouble. Big trouble.))

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((Sorry lily!!! You were offline and we really wanted to role play! SORRRRYYYYY!!!! The hideout is because there was a bad guy who kidnaps elemental a apperantly. The rp is getting a tad boreing because not a lot of people are on, so tiger made up a plot line.

Oh, and hy would they be in trouble? Just wondering... Haha))

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((James and Markus are made up guys :P and long story short, Eiras kidnapped and Jakes gonna get her back. You can delete it afterwards, we were just impatient. Sorry.))

Hours later, James put Eira back in the cellar. He closed the door and called Markus. "Hey boss, she sell yet?" He asked. Markus started raging something unenterpritable at James.

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((woah totally bombed the word uninterpretable))

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dany (elothwen) ((So, um, what is going to happen? Is interference required?))

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Eira groaned and almost started crying. She knew what happened, she wouldn't think about it.

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((Grrrrr Attie forgot about me again!!! And Jakes going to get a partner to help rescue Eira, yada yada.))

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"Yeah boss, I know. Yeah, she's ready. Next week, okay okay. Stop yellin'." James clicked the phone shut and walked inside the building.

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Eira couldn't help it, she cried. No matter what they did to her he would never stop fighting- not till she dies.

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((Omygrrrrr. I wanna just have Jake come in so baaaaad.... Attie is annoying haha.))

Markus came back an hour later. The little girl was gone. "James, theres a new target. Just flew in from Cali. All on her own, perfect body that they're looking for these days." James nodded. "When're we going?" "Now, you fool!" "Okay, okay." The SUV drove off once again.

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Eira frowned. She had long since stopped crying. She was angry, more than angry, furious. She would never trust another guy again. That included jake. No man would ever touch her again. Since the little girl was gone now ekes froze the whole place. Spikes jutted out everywhere, she couldn't wait to kill those guys.

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((O.M.G..... I just realized the description I randomly made up PERFECTLY matched my charrie Ruby. Should I use her? Jake would be so mad he would want to bathe in those guys blood...))

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((Wait- what? Sorry I'm confused lol))

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(("Just flew in from Cali" yada, yada. Sounds EXACTLY like Ruby.))

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(( oooooooohhhhhhhhh gotcha. I think they should try, but she's with jake and so jake lets them kidnap her and he follows them and frees them both?))

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((Ingenius!! I love it! Im gonna get right on it!))

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((Ok sweet!))

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((She got kidnapped in the theatre))

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James and Markus pulled into the lot. Picking up an unconcious girl, James put her in the cellar too, not bothering to check on Eira. Ruby's ankle was twisted at an odd angle.

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Eira sen a spike through the door, hoping to hit someone. SHe dispersed all the ice in the general area that the other person had landed.

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Ruby moaned and rubbed her face. "Great." She grumbled and sat up. "He better get to work."

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Eira recognized the voice. "Ruby?"

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"Yeah?" Ruby asked. Her eyes hadn't adjusted to the dark room.

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"It's.... It's eira." She muttered.

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"Eira?!" Ruby exclaimed. She lowered her voice. "Jake sent me as a decoy. He's coming to rescue you."

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"What?" Erika gasped. Her heart fluttered, no matter how much she hated boys.

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