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What would you have done?

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Denise Would you have sold the pearl at the lesser value, chucked it back in the ocean or fought tooth and nail to get what you hoped it was worth?

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Miriam Robarts I would have tried to get what I thought it was worth. At the end, after all that happened, I probably would have thrown it back, too. How could you keep or use something that caused so much pain instead of the wonderful things you anticipated?

It's been I while since I read it back in high school. I can't remember why (or if it even says why) he took his wife and baby with him when he traveled. Would he have made it to the big city if he was alone?

Bobby Veliz I have to agree with Miriam. With so much pain the pearl brought why keep it after his son was killed. It would only be a reminder of how he lost his son. To answer your question Miriam he left with his wife and baby because he felt leaving them would be dangerous since he fought off people breaking in and trying to steal the pearl.

Logan I would just get rid of the pearl because as Juana said, it was bad luck! Look what it done! It made poor Coyotito go to Heaven!:-(

Claire V I would have sold it, taken my money, and moved to the good ol' US of A.

Nicole Uh, I would have like run to sell as SOON as I got it then sold it and move somewhere like Aruba or Jamaica!

Logan where is aruba?

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Logan okay.......

Claire V Thats so cool

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Geoffrey Aruba

Right off the coast of Columbia. ABC island. Fun place. Beach, beach and more beach. Little cocktails with umbrellas.

Roger Weston If possible, I would have avoided fighting tooth and nail with the predators, but I would not have given in either. All the guy wanted was a paycheck. Of course, I would have taken a different course of action to protect my family.

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