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Kat (katpreece) | 532 comments You can use the control + f button for the characters names

I use the library computer, and I can't exactly save the information to the library, plus I don't have a USB. So this thread will have information added over time. And if you spot a character from old books, please give the page and their name thanks ^_^

I've created this guide for you to be able revisit old and popular characters in other books. Sherri's website makes it clear what books you can find the characters in, but she doesn't give the page. So without further ado.

I'm just going to do one character and one book at a time. Right now I'm working with Valerius.

Lets start off with my favourite character:

VALERIUS Ctrl + f V or Val

Valerius in Son of No One:

here are the URLS:

Valerius in Dark Bites:

Valerius in Acheron:

Valerius in Bad Moon Rising:

Don't worry each URL brings up a different page in the book, even though they look the same.

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Cindi (ourtrumpcard) | 534 comments Nice! Thanks, Kat!

message 3: by Kat (new)

Kat (katpreece) | 532 comments Your welcome. The information will be slowly added over time. But in about a few months or so, I know that this will become an invaluable resource that lots of people will be using. At the moment in the beginning stages it's not very useful, but I know it will be.

Because I've always wanted to revisit old characters and was sick and tired of having to flick through hundreds of pages just to get a glimpse of them.

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