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Niran | 842 comments Here we go :D

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Julianna | 10 comments hello! c: so, high school flirty fun romance and doubles?

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Niran | 842 comments Yes :) should we do a simple template for the characters?

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Niran | 842 comments Yes :) should we do a simple template for the characters?

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Julianna | 10 comments Yeah! Do you have any certain plans for how you want the characters to know each other/meet?

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Niran | 842 comments Hmm, they should link somehow.
They all go to the same school, maybe two could be best friends, whether that's boy and girl or girl and girl or boy and boy.

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Julianna | 10 comments Okay cool! I think either the girls should be sisters or the boys should be brothers xD. That'd be fun. Or we can do the best friends!

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Niran | 842 comments Oh! I like the sibling idea! Can the girls be sisters? They can be twins but not identical!

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Julianna | 10 comments I'd love that! c: It'd be cool if they were kind of different too, if one of them had like a really flirty, out there kind of personality and the other was more reserved and such? They could of course be whatever too xD.

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Niran | 842 comments Yes I like that!
Which one do you want to be? Flirty or reserved?

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Julianna | 10 comments I work really well roleplaying a flirty personality, so could my female have that? c: Any certain things you want to do for their history?

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Niran | 842 comments That's totally fine :)
Um, I don't know really, we can just make it up as we go along. I've got my brief character profiles ready

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Julianna | 10 comments alright, you can post yours and I'll have mine up soon c:

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Niran | 842 comments Sure thing

Name: Sebastian Deleros
Age: 18

•playing guitar

•loud people

Name: Nyla Kelsorit
Age: 17

•playing the piano
•insane foodie

•social networking
•the colours yellow and brown

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Julianna | 10 comments

[ name ] Caine Demarcus
[ age ] 18
[ personality ]
. cocky
. arrogant
. charming
. controlling
. intelligent

[ name ] Arabella Kelsorit
[ age ] 17
[ personality ]
. outgoing
. stubborn
. confident
. provocative
. flirty

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Niran | 842 comments So should we start?
Should it be the first day back at school?

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Julianna | 10 comments Sure! Would you like to post first? c:

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Niran | 842 comments Sure thang!

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Niran | 842 comments Sebastian was usually always late, for everything. But as the sun shone in through his windows and the birds chirp he couldn't help but get up and grunt slightly.
He realised today was the first day back at school, he was a senior now, and things just got harder. Apparently being a senior is the best year of your life, he would see.
He rubbed his eyes and lay back on the bed, but suddenly a small little figure came running in and started jumping on the bed.
"School! School! School starts today! I'm so excited!".
His little sister. She was seven, had long brown hair that had natural ringlet curls to it and bounced when she made any movement.
"Delilah, please", he groaned, covering his face with the pillow," Now not. It's too early".
"No it's not! Come on!", she exclaimed excitedly," Let's go let's go!".
It took him a few minutes to really get up, but he did eventually, slowly and sleepily getting ready for school and the day ahead. Though he was mentally trying to prepare himself as well as physically. Everyone in the house was awake, and that was clear by the amount of noise and chaos going on. People rushing, brushing past each other quickly and kissing each other goodbye.


Watching the sun rise was one of Nyla's weird obsession, she loved doing it. So she was up before anyone in the house. Especially Arabella, who liked to sleep. She watched the sun rise; she watched the colours of orange, gold and a slight shimmer of pinks and purples merge together, and she instantly felt better about the day ahead. The first day back was always horrible.
"Arabella", Nyla said softly, pushing her hand into her sisters shoulder slightly, tugging and pushing at her while she slept. "Come on", she sighed," Time to wake up, we can't continue to be late all the time this year".
Nyla liked her order and her routine, what was so wrong with that? A lot of people mistook her for uptight, boring, anxious or even antisocial, but she wasn't like that once you got to know her. Arabella knew her for who she truly was; an adventurer, a free spirited being. But a orderly being.
Nyla gave a laugh and suddenly jumped on to her sisters bed, lying on top of her sister in a playful and affectionate way.
"Come on!", she laughed, smiling.

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Julianna | 10 comments
Arabella was not prepared for the return to school, in any way, shape, or form. She had stayed up late the previous night texting her most recent fling. Some boy she'd met at a party a week ago, an attractive blonde who was far too flirty for his own good. Ari didn't expect anything to come out of it, nor did she want it too. Her flings were just that; flings. Needless to say, the brunette was exhausted when her sister pounced onto her bed.

"Nyla.." Arabella groaned, quickly smacking her sister softly with her pillow. "It's too early, and there's no reason to be so excited." Nyla's bright smile was almost as blinding as the morning sun peeking in through the windows. Sighing, Ari slid out from under of her sister, and approached the bathroom sluggishly. "Why are you so excited anyways?" The two girls were seniors now, which meant their last year of school. Ari couldn't wait to be done with high school, but that didn't mean that she wanted to head straight to school. She glared playfully back at her sister in the bathroom mirror as she brushed her long brown waves. It'd be over soon. She just had to survive this year.

Caine had had enough of high school. Unfortunately, he hadn't had enough credits to graduate his senior year, so here he went again. He should've just dropped out; he didn't have much of a future anyways, and there was no way in hell he was going to college. His future was the last thing on his mind as he perched on his window sill, smoking a cigarette. His parents wanted him gone. However, they had a strange way of showing their resentment towards him. For example, they were adamant on the fact that he graduate high school. It was the only reason they allowed him to stay in their house.

The warm summer breeze tugged lightly at Caine's dark hair. The boy's arms were covered in intricate tattoos, as well as a few on his chest, and a lot on his hands. He was the spitting image of a "bad boy", and he'd certainly earned himself that reputation at his high school. Caine slid off the window sill, stifling his cigarette between his fingers and tossing it out the window. He dressed in jeans and a white tank top, before leisurely strolling through the kitchen and grabbing a bagel. Caine munched happily on the bagel, jogging quickly out the door to climb into his rusty red pick-up. The trick to keeping his parents happy? Avoiding them at all costs.

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Niran | 842 comments "No need to be so grumpy, and I'm not excited. I'm just...prepared for senior year", Nyla shrugged, sitting on her sisters bed with her legs folded. She heard Arabella's phone go off, and she suddenly looked over at her sister, knowing that it was just another boy that she'd eventually get bored of and toss to the side.
That was kind of her thing; she didn't do anything serious and definitely didn't allow herself to like someone. It was all just sexual attraction.
"Hmm, another fling huh?", Nyla smiled playfully and raised her eyebrows. She didn't care who her sister spoke to, it was more about her being happy, if she was happy then so was Nyla.
Nyla got up from Arabella's bed, sighing," I'm going to get ready, I'll make some coffee when I'm done". She pulled a quick, silly face, sticking out her tongue and scrunching up her face as she looked at her sister and walked out of her room.
Nyla wasn't one who spent too much time getting ready, it took her maybe ten or fifteen minutes getting ready for school; including hair, make up and clothes. She didn't do much with her hair, as it was already straight, going down her back. Her make up wasn't long either, she liked to stick to the basics; some blush that brought out her cheekbones, eyeliner that gave her eyes a bolder look and some mascara to make her lashes longer. Occasionally she would put lip liner or lipstick on, today she decided to go for a nude/pinkish lip liner.
Since it was still hot outside she put on a tight black pencil skirt, flat pumps and a burgundy crop top.
She was done with getting ready, but who knew how long her sister would take. So Nyla walked downstairs to get the coffee and some food ready.


Sebastian never really stressed himself, so he was taking his time with drinking his coffee and making his way out of the house. He even made himself some breakfast as he watched his family rush about; his mother quickly dashing around, his father trying to put on his tie, his little brother; who was in middle school, fixing his hair and his sister chasing the dog.
He shook his head and laughed, seeing the sight amused him.
"I'm going!", he yelled, and suddenly everyone in the house yelled "bye", at the exact same moment, which made him laugh even more.
Sebastian got in his sleek black BMW car, which he had worked extremely hard for, and made his way out of their drive way. It didn't take that long to get to school, probably around twenty minutes, but as soon as he was there he knew how much he was going to miss the summer vacation. He got out of his car, seeking everyone smiling and all hyped, that was the first day back. For some reason everyone seemed excited, for what he didn't really know.
Sebastian saw his friend Michael and immediately walked up to him and slapped his chest in a boyish manner,"Hey man".
Michael was a tall, blonde haired, blue eyed, muscular built guy. A lot of girls had a crush on him, and Michael would play along with it. He was kind of a player.
"Dude, do you see how many hot chicks there are? It's like they all got better during the summer", Michael exclaimed, shaking his head and watching some girls walk by.
Sebastian couldn't help but laugh and shake his head a little, because it was typical of Michael. But he was a good friend, and that's what Sebastian liked about him.

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Niran | 842 comments ((I'm so bored, pls tell me you're online xD))

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Julianna | 10 comments [ I'm sooo sorry, I've been super busy this week and have barely gotten a chance to get online Dx. I'm going to reply as soon as I can, but just know that I'm really busy right now. ]

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Niran | 842 comments (Sure thing, take as much time as you need :) )

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Niran | 842 comments ?

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