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The Grapes of Wrath
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Rose Rocha dos Santos (roserocha) | 192 comments Hi, guys!

This week's reading is about:
Chapters 7-12.

Michelle (mich2689) | 225 comments This book is making me sad, especially when they all had to pack up their things, decide which possessions to leave behind and burn, and then look back at their home and land as they drive off for California. I'm going to need to read a more upbeat book alongside this to keep myself sane.

Marta (gezemice) | 214 comments I have just finished it and it is indeed depressing but very powerful.

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Ian | 317 comments Mod
I am still hoping for a happy ending where they safely get to California, buy a vineyard and develop an internationally celebrated Pinot Noir.

Nicole I don't know ... It sounds like Steinbeck wrote the book to make a point. I have a bad feeling that Granpa isn't the only one they're going to loose on the trip. I have a bad feeling they're going to loose the baby. But then again, the baby could be a symbol of new beginnings and new life so ... I guess it depends on if Steinbeck plans to give them a happy ending.

Kimberly | 145 comments I agree Nicole. I have a feeling they may lose more than one on this trip. My other concern is Tom Jr. and his parole... He isn't supposed to leave the state. Tom Sr. was gonna bring it up but never did. I guess we'll see if anything happens with that.

Nicole Kimberly wrote: " My other concern is Tom Jr. and his parole... He isn't supposed to leave the state. "

I almost feel like going back to jail might not be the worst option for him right now ... At least he had a couple meals a day and a roof over his head.

Daniel Clark Ian wrote: "I am still hoping for a happy ending..."

The whole time I was reading this I was waiting for them to just (please oh please oh please!) catch one break.

I finished the book, and I don't want to spoil it for you, but you're right to think they may have more bumps in the road ahead!

Luella I don't know why they packed so much stuff. I mean the mattresses really? Pack one not all of them. Figure it out later. That's why too much load in the truck.

I guess Al is happy because that is less stress on the truck but come on man! It's Steinbeck so I am wondering if any of them are even going to make it.

And I am curious about Tom too. If there is border patrol like they are saying, he might be royally screwed if or when they get to the border.

Terry Candee | 72 comments How could 11 people share one mattress? There was no money to buy anything but gas and food and emergency needs.

message 11: by Luella (last edited Apr 01, 2016 10:12PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Luella They wouldn't all sleep on mattresses, the old people and the pregnant girl would sleep on the mattress the rest could sleep on the ground with blankets or clothes or whatever or sleep right there sitting up in the truck along the way.

When I moved with nothing we slept on the floor until we could afford something to sleep on because a mattress didn't fit in either of our cars when we packed and moved 2000 miles in our sedans. Like them we sold anything we could that wouldn't fit or we didn't need, and moved out west. It makes no sense to me to as to why they would eat up all that room and load all that weight for multiple mattresses.

Terry Candee | 72 comments I see your point. Who knows why. Remember they weren't the smartest people.

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