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L.H. Nicole | 67 comments Mod
Okay so after some deliberation Greg, the wonderful guy who volunteered to help me run this program, and I have come up with a format for picking each month's book. We are doing this like many other groups on goodreads.
Each month we'll start a thread where members can make up to 3 recommendations for books to be considered.
The top 8-10 books that have the most suggestions will make the poll that will be created where everyone will vote and the one with the most votes will win for that month.
It's a pretty simple system, but if there are suggestions, or kinks that need to be worked out we will get it done!
We would love the other member's input if they have any suggestions on improving our system since it's still in it's infancy.
Also please encourage others to join in the conversation. I think many readers would love to see a writers opinion on books, and I think we as writers can also learn from the opinion of readers.

Each month Greg and I will be choosing a sub genre of YA from which our members can suggest a book to read. We will do this on a rotation throughout the year.
Because we do have authors taking part in this we WILL allow authors to suggest their own books BUT AN AUTHOR CAN ONLY RECOMMEND THEIR OWN BOOK ONCE A YEAR. PERIOD If their book is not selected then ANOTHER member of the group can suggest it again the next time that sub-g comes up.
If any author is found to violate this rule they will receive a private warning first. If the bad behavior continues then they will be removed from the group.
On to happier topics, since there are so many great books and authors out there if we choose a book by....say Jennifer Estep.....then we will not choose another of her books until the next year. We are doing this so we all get great exposure to new and amazing authors, since there's so many of us out there.
<3 LH

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L.H. Nicole | 67 comments Mod
Since YA is such a series driven genre if we choose a book that is the start of a series and if a few people want to continue reading those series we can create separate threads to discuss as people read those next books.

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