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message 1: by Dlmrose (new)

Dlmrose | 17482 comments Mod
All of the Spring 2016 tasks except the 50 point mid-point task are now posted.

Please remember that tasks are not final until the 12th. This period allows the task creators and the mods to identify possible problems, revise the wording, etc., based on questions that have come up in the help threads.

There is a help thread for every task.

message 2: by Dlmrose (last edited Mar 13, 2016 04:03PM) (new)

Dlmrose | 17482 comments Mod
The Spring Challenge tasks are now final.

Please re-check the task descriptions, as some have been fine-tuned to clarify the requirements. Please read the task descriptions carefully before you begin reading.

The requirements for each task are included in the task descriptions. All books posted from here on out must comply with the requirements of the current task description.

If you have any questions about how a book might fit a task, we suggest that you ask on the help thread. Posts 2 and 3 in the help thread for each task may contain lists of books that have been proposed for the task and have been specifically approved or rejected.The moderators may refer to posts 2 and 3 of the task help threads when reviewing completed tasks.

The responsibility for pre-approval information lies with the poster. The moderators will not search the help threads to look for pre-approvals. If you had a book pre-approved, including a link to the Help Thread approval when you post your task may help keep you out of the Questions/Problems thread.

Task creators are only responsible for checking that books fit the specific requirements of their individual tasks. They are NOT responsible for verifying that a book fits all the general requirements of the SRC. We strongly suggest that you review the Challenge Rules and FAQs

The 50 point task will be posted after the April 15 midpoint.

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