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Team Leader: Calypso Joan Whitlock
Leogris Panthera
Ivory Nero
Fenella Albain

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((Wow, I love that! If you want to give me a link for the image, I can post it at the top of the thread.))

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May͛a (rhapsodyinblue) Calypso finished unpacking her luggage and puffed her cheeks in relief. To her, the dormitory was somewhat cramped. A little organization would make more sufficient room to meet all of their needs, she decided. She pulled back the curtains and opened the window slightly, letting in a gentle breeze that teased her long, straight lime colored hair. She wore blue denim high waisted shorts, a white frilly blouse and golden sandals. A black headband rested on her head. She loved the weather like this; a warm wind, a blue sky with clouds of different shades. She thought about all her 'adventures' before school had started, 'adventures' consisting of roaming the villages outside Vale. She was glad about her enrollment at Beacon; she loved the huge school and all the chaos and the students—although she was a very peaceful person in general—, but being sorted into a team with strangers and being made captain was an unbelievable experience. Calypso paused, studying the view outside the window with huge, flickering gold eyes. This was her life now. No more theft, running away or hiding. She leaned against the wall and kept staring ahead, zoning out by the minute.

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