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message 1: by Rita (new)

Rita Dinis (ritadinis) | 22 comments Hi. I am the author of a series which have the same name in portuguese and in english (Série Vampiros do Velho Mundo/Old world vampires series). However the books in portuguese do not match the english ones - for instance, Isoforma does not have the same 'content' as Tabula Rasa, and the same happens with 'Entre o Céu e o Mar' and 'Status Quo'. Despite having the same name, I extended the story in the english version so they're actually very different and I would like to have the series separated according to the language.

message 2: by Michael (new)

Michael Korleone (michaelkorleone) | 3881 comments If your Portuguese editions are considerably different to the English editions, I think we can separate the books and maintain two series - one for English and the other for Portuguese.

Hope someone else who's more familiar with GR series policy can chip in..

message 3: by Renske (new)

Renske | 10802 comments Indeed if the books are so different they shouldn't be combined both can have their own series after separating.

If they say combined there should be only one series according to the policies. Having two series would also be useless, they will be both linked to all editions and the default editions will show on both series.

message 4: by Rita (new)

Rita Dinis (ritadinis) | 22 comments ok, so is it possible to separate the books as the series were disposed previously?


message 5: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 42063 comments Mod
Expanded editions are usually still combined with original editions.

message 6: by Rita (new)

Rita Dinis (ritadinis) | 22 comments For example: Isoforma (pt) tells the story from A to D and only with one POV. Tabula Rasa tells the story from A to B with several points of view, then Status Quo will tell the story from C to D.
The story's the same, ok, but in English it's divided because of the multiple POV's.
There is no way to combine them.
I think the series is better off separated...

message 7: by Rita (new)

Rita Dinis (ritadinis) | 22 comments So, what's the verdict on this issue?

message 8: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 42063 comments Mod
If the original book is effectively being broken in half, then neither of the new versions should be combined with the original.

message 9: by Rita (new)

Rita Dinis (ritadinis) | 22 comments Hi! Considering the series have to be un-merged, could you please let me know who can do this?
Thanks :)

message 10: by Michael (last edited Mar 28, 2016 11:45PM) (new)

Michael Korleone (michaelkorleone) | 3881 comments Portuguese series:

English series:

I separated English and Portuguese titles. Can you please check if the books are listed correctly now? Please check if any partial editions are still combined with full work and let us know so that they can be separated (authors can combine but cannot separate)

message 11: by Rita (new)

Rita Dinis (ritadinis) | 22 comments Everything's correct. Thank you!

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