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Sergeant Stone, Sentinel of the Crescent City
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Title: Sergeant Stone, Sentinel of the Crescent City
Author: Daniel Barker
Genre: Historical fiction (short stories) with some science fiction elements
Formats Available: Pdf
Pages # 169
Review Due Date: March 27, 2016


The book follows the adventures of a time traveling superhero from another dimension who guards Earth history against the malevolent intrusion of outside forces. Along the way he seeks to understand humanity better by suffering alongside humans in some of the most extreme circumstances in history. He also falls in love with a human woman with all the complications that entails. The book is a follow-up to an earlier short story collection, Sergeant Stone, NOPD, but familiarity with that book is not necessary. The back cover description:

The inimitable Sergeant Stone returns with fifteen new short stories in this exciting follow up to Sergeant Stone, NOPD! He still guards the Crescent City against threats both ordinary and otherworldly, but that is not his only beat. Journey with him from the wars of ancient India to a dystopian future where a one-world state wields irresistible weapons against a rebellious populace. Along the way he will lay down the law in the Old West, join the French Foreign Legion in a desperate stand, explore the seas in a Viking longship, fly a fighter plane over war-torn Europe, battle the Mafia, train with Shaolin monks, duel Nazi commandos, and witness the tragic final hours of the Byzantine Empire. There are adventures within New Orleans as well, a place so colorful that it is a microcosm of the world. It is there that he will meet the daunting challenge of marriage! And it is there that he will face the fight of his life when his deadly enemies finally find him…

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1. Stephanie -

Stephanie (alsnorm) | 18 comments Stephanie, and ePub please :)

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Stephanie there is only the pdf format available would that be okay?

Stephanie (alsnorm) | 18 comments that's fine :)

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Tana (tana_t) | 3466 comments Mod
Stephanie I sent you an email

Stephanie (alsnorm) | 18 comments Thank you for the chance to read this!! I really loved it! Will be getting the first book to read shortly :P

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