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Who would you like to go to the Yule Ball with?
Cintia Cintia Mar 05, 2016 09:25AM
If you don't want to say names, you can say, for example, in which house or school would you like him/her to be. In my case, probably Harry, but as he doesn't like to dance, I'd go with Cedric or Viktor Krum.

What do you guys think?

deleted member Mar 28, 2017 05:03PM   6 votes
I changed my mind!!
Draco Malfoy all the way

Risotto Diggory
Feb 20, 2019 03:55AM · flag

Ron Weasley people! 😍

Preferably Fred, or maybe Lee Jordan..

Zaphan (last edited Jul 30, 2017 08:59AM ) Jul 29, 2017 10:00AM   1 vote
Luna lovegood all the way!! Even though she was "special" She was my favorite charecter through the whole book

Well, young Sirius Black I guess ;)

Charlie Weasley.

In my opinio, he is one of the best characters! It's sad that we don't get to know him as well as the other Weasleys.

Plus he is my house Hufflepuff pride✌️

Hmmm I would either go with Cedric or young Lupin (if that counts).

Cedric is so sweet and plus we are in the same House which is a bonus :)

Young Lupin because I want to see how it would be like and Lupin is one of my favorite characters too.

Harry, definitely. He’s very quiet and reserved most of the time, but does possess a bit of fire and temper - as well as being unswervingly loyal and a great friend. Plus, we’d both be rubbish at dancing, so we could both just follow our natural rule-breaking streak and go fly Buckbeak together or something. Far more romantic, in my opinion. 😉

Fred Weasley

Cedric or Viktor Krum, of course!!!!

Viktor Krum for sure

Hermione for sure!


Young Newt Scammander

♡ Luna ♡ yas
Feb 06, 2019 08:07AM · flag

Ginny would be number one
Then Luna
I'd rather go to the library with Hermione

I wouldn't want a date to the ball, but I'd love to go with a group of friends including a lot of the main people in Dumbledore's Army.

George Weasley

Fred or George for sure. Dances can sometimes be boring but you can't expect anything other than excitement if you go with one of the twins!

deleted member Apr 21, 2017 07:22PM   1 vote
I changed my mind!!!!
Draco Malfoy for sure!!!!
I love him!!💞💞

Maybe young Severus or Draco. Or Krum, someone who could sweep me off my feet. (Literaly and figuritavely.)


Draco Malfoy ofcourseeeee.

Fred or George Weasley

Young Newt Scamander, Draco Malfoy, Young Tom Riddle (if he looked like young Tom from the movie), Cedric Diggory or Neville Longbottom...
Or a Slytherin or Hufflepuff. I'm a Ravenclaw, and I'm not sure if I'd bode well with other Ravenclaws.

deleted member Nov 19, 2017 04:08PM   0 votes
Draco Malfoy

Harry just as BFFs and no dancing

Can I go with myself? Is that an option? No hard feelings on anyone else, mind.

Draco Malfoy or Geoge Weasley.

Young James or someone in Gryffindor who understands all my quirks!!😁

Well, if Hogwarts ever allowed people to take partners of the same sex, I would take Bil Weasley :)

If not, I would certainly take Luna Lovegood :)

Viktor Krum!

Cedric 😍

FRED!!! <3
or maybe Draco...
or, last option Ron

deleted member May 11, 2016 06:55AM   0 votes
It would probably be wise to go with Harry since he too doesn't seem to be very talented at dancing :D I'm horrible at dancing... So we could just flee from the hall together and take a walk on the school grounds :D

I would want yummy, yummy Cedric!! (or George)

i dont dance. ever. at all. but to humor u ill say one of the weasley twins

Luna lovegood..... I always wished harry and she would end up together

I would probably go with Draco or Harry. I'm in Ravenclaw, but I think it would be nice to become friends (or enemies) with different people.

Fred or George would have been cool, maybe Neville. :)

Cedric Diggory, duh

Sirius but he is on the hide....well, then I pick Draco Malfoy!!

Cedric Diggory

Ron bc I love him ♥‿♥

Viktor Krum for sure

I'd say Fred Weasley! He'd make everything more entertaining, as I usually find such gatherings boring.

Oliver Wood

Sirius Black!

Viktor Krum!

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