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message 1: by Jake (new)

Jake | 2 comments Hi all, I have a lot of trouble keeping track of which series I am in the middle of and what's next. It'd be great if Goodreads itself had a feature around this but I couldn't figure anything out. So I built my own. It lets you import all your books from Goodreads, shows progress, and keeps track of what's next.

If that sounds useful to you, check out

I'd appreciate any feedback to help make this a great tool for people.

message 2: by Georgia (new)

Georgia This sounds really helpful!
For some time now, it says "Goodreads import is taking a while. Please be patient and try again in a minute." I hope it finishes soon, I 'd like to check it out

message 3: by Jake (new)

Jake | 2 comments Goodreads API has a limit of 1 request per second, which slows things down a bit on my side. If you've got lots of books the initial import could take a while. If it's still not working today, I can look into it further if you message me the email you used to sign up.

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