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All Because of You by Vivian Brooks Vivian Brooks and Nikki LeClair

Genre: Chick Lit

All Because of You

Book Description:

Nelly Morgan's wedding day was suppose to go off without a hitch, she had finally been able to convince her husband to be to just go through with it. Yet when a handsome stranger crashes it declaring his love for Nelly in a church full of friends and family, she is devastated. Now her fiancée thinks she's a cheater, and nobody believes her when she says she has no idea who the man was that ruined her wedding! She sets out to prove her love for her fiancée, which becomes difficult with a insane sister in law, a handsome stranger who won't tell the truth, and a cat-napping.

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Megan's Picks For Today Blog (mamascandylit) | 34 comments Im interested in reading and reviewing this. my email is and mobi please.

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sent in your request Megan Lynn

Megan's Picks For Today Blog (mamascandylit) | 34 comments Tana wrote: "sent in your request Megan Lynn"

Thank you.

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Ava Pavkov (avapavkov) | 9 comments Ava Pavkov

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sent in your request Ava

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Liliana Diaconescu | 8 comments Liliana Diaconescu
mobi or epub, please.

Alexa Whitewolf | 19 comments I'd love to read & review this!

name: Alexa Whitewolf
format: PDF

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sent in your requests Alexa and Liliana

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