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Help! Can't remember book title!
Jenn Jenn Apr 30, 2014 03:25PM
Ok, bear with me everyone. My thoughts are scrambled. I will try to give as much detail as possible, unfortunately I might be thinking about two different books. So i will just list the things i do remember and I sure hope someone has read it and know what I am talking about. I loved this (these) story.. have not read it for a long time, but I was discussing great books with a co-worker and told her about this one but the title eluded me...
Here goes:
The time period is not present day.. much earlier.
There is a woman, sister?, the everyone in town talks about, she was disfigured. left her legs messed up but she still walks, she actually teaches ballet to the towns girls, a handful 5 or 6. She holds this class in the third story of the mansion in a dance studio, plays the victrola... they say her dancing a slightly grotesque.. there ended up being a fire...
I wish i could remember more, but basically if you read it, you would have remembered her, she sticks with you ..
I am thinking that there was talk she had a child too, a closed off nursery.. ?
I would love any help, even something remotely close would be awesome!
Thanks Everyone.
Keeping my hope up and fingers crossed.

There is a great group on here called "Whats the Name of That Book?"

They are pretty good at finding books you can't remember titles or authors.
Just make sure you put something descriptive in the Title of the thread you'll get more people looking at your thread and therefore more people helping you look for the book.
Good Luck!

Please help!! Started in a rural setting with a girl who hunts for her family who is pretty ungrateful for everything she does for them. I believe she accidentally hunted a fae/wolf and a “beast” came to her house demanding justice. So she went to go live with him and ends up falling for him and she also saves him from this evil queen.

It’s a fantasy, enemies to lovers, beauty and the beast spin off.

Please let me know if you know the name or author!!

C Apr 21, 2020 06:04PM   0 votes
Hello everyone! I'm not sure anyone gets on this thread, but I need some help! I read a book a long while ago, and I can't remember the title of it! It was about this girl who was an angel, and I THINK she befriended a girl who had cancer. Also, the angel kept mentioning that if an angel does something good or completes a task, they get a special charm on a bracelet.

F 25x33
Betty Rader The Charm Bracelet, Maybe?
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I'm trying to remember the title of this book: The heroine lost her best friend to drug abuse. Following his death her ex-boyfriend and she break up and she goes to the beach to attempt suicide. But a guy at the beach saves her.
Later she meets her ex-boyfriend again, who is now a famous musician and is accompanied by a music producer.
She and this producer fall in love and it turns out his brother was the one that saw her at the beach that day.

I'm looking for a medieval/victorian romance novel about a woman(I think she is their governess) who has to care for this mans motherless three young girls. In this book, they all want to get rid of her so they do tricks on her. the man in the novel loves his girls with all of his life and vows not to love anyone else. by the end of the book, they do a trick on her telling her the youngest girl is missing so she heads out in the storm to look for her even though she isn't missing. he ends up finding out and get on his horse to go save her, I think she ends up getting sick. I know this isn't much to go on but if there is anyone that can remember this book you are my hero. its been so long since I read this book but I can see it in my head but have no idea on what it was called. it was like 2009 when I read it but it was one of my mothers book she read. Thank you so much for anything you can give me.

2 girls go to a college to be in a payed for experment but the porgram lock them on a path on another world where they have to stay on a path they get seprated at the begining one makes it through the other finds love in the path

I´m looking for a book. I can´t remember the exact plot. All I remember is there was this woman who was a high-end prostitute, and she lived in a two story house with another woman who was manlier and served as her bodyguard. There was a man that would always come see her and was her favorite client. She got paid with jewelry but she would always hide her expensive jewelry and wear cheap one. She had pale skin and wore a red kimono (I think). Her favorite client would often come see her from really far away on a (white?) horse.


Trying to find a book for a friend. He remembers a boy trying to escape. He alco remembers the cover, it was blur, black circle, barbed wire, boy in the snow. had it read to him about 25 years ago. That's all he remembers. Help!!

Kendra (last edited Sep 18, 2015 02:23PM ) Sep 18, 2015 02:22PM   0 votes
I cant remember the title of a book Ive read years ago. It took place back in the western times and it was a romance novel and it was part of series. All i can really remember is that there was a young girl who ran away with the guy that she loved but he was a trouble maker. and this was a young adult novel. Please help me!!!!!!

I loved mystery books for kids -about middle school age - probably
written in the thirties or early forties, written by a British author.
I think the titles started with "the clue" - about a group of children
who solve the mysteries themselves. There was always a map.

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I cant remember a book I read a few years ago and google searches have not been helpful.
It is a younger, like Childs book series - fiction / fantasy. It was pretty big kind of like the Twilight saga book thickness.
All I cant remember is:
~There is a boy and girl as main characters and the boy has a stutter and or barely talks
~The boy lives in a house with his parents who are divorced and the mom has a side decorated for her and vise versa and he tries to stay evenly on both sides
~The boy likes Houdini / magic tricks
~There is a scene they go to a spa
~The have to search for things because of this guy..?
~Pretty sure they even meet or see Cleopatra
~I remember the book cover to be kind of circus like at least one of the books was like that. I think one was also dark green ish?

Im sorry if this is all to vague but I really want to find this book and the only way I could is if I can remember for go to my old schools library but I cant so if anyone's ever read it and can understand it, great.

Harlequin presents anna and lou because he forced her in to marriage because her father stoled money from his company anna and her sister own a flower shap in austrilia anna runs away but he finds her and brings her back and she finds she is pregnant and the other one is about her sister and her husband cousin who is visiting anfd he helps her sister because her ex is trying to get even with her for dating someone else i think his nam is jake and hers might be hannah

So I'm trying to find this book about this teenage girl who was sorta forced to move down to the south somewhere. I would like to say Louisiana. Well as she stays here over the course of two books she figures out she can go back in time or see ghost or something. The first book was about yellow fever in a plantation house and the second was about a actor or something who gave a lock of her hair to a solider for his pocket watch chain. All the while there is a love triangle brewing. Any help will be greatly appreciated (:

Hi I'm not we here and I'm looking for a book and can only remember a little bit about it.

A woman gets a new job (not sure if she's an assistant n has something todo with houses I think)
Anyway she lives in the bosses house with her own office,
Not sure if it's the same book but I think there's a bit were he takes her on hellicopter to see a house and she thinks it's just to look at it they go into the swimming pool and it has lights and warms up (it's his friends house) then there's a bit were I think he either gets phone call and someone in his family dies maybe his dad not sure that's about it any help would be great thank you.

Val (last edited Sep 18, 2020 04:42AM ) Sep 18, 2020 04:38AM   0 votes
teachers keep writing 'Show your working' on my maths homework.
what do they mean?

strange_boys Maybe they mean to "show your work" or write down how you solved the problem/your process to solve it on the paper instead of doing it in your head. H ...more
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I read this really good book a few years back and I think I might go crazy if I don't find it. It's written from 3 different perspectives and is about a dancer, inventor, and a liar (the liar basically stole another girls spot who had the same name as her) who go to an elite girls boarding school. Each week one girl is sent home until only one remains that will end up training under an all powerful business women. Please help me find this book it was really amazing.

Ok so i have a book its like the selection but its not its about a girl who goes into a competition with 7 other girls for a prince.

i read a book from several years . I don't know the author or the title , all what i remember is that the hero was french and the heroine had amnesia and in the hospital she meet a nephew of the doctor who treat her and they get married but he saw her with another man , at the end she will try to escape and will meet a serial killer , after they rescue her she will get her memory back and she will discover she has an identical evil twin (whom he saw ) and she lost her memory because her twin's husband kill himself in front of her .

I’m looking for a romance book from a few yrs ago. It was a girl who went on vacation with her family and where attacked by a werewolf group. She ends of being the sole survivor. She is also a famous clay artist. What is the book title? I can not remember for the life of me!

Hi ,everyone I'm searching for a harlequin book or maybe mills & boon.. The heroine was needing money.I think because of her mother or brother was ill. And she went to the hero, Ican't remember why the hero, and he raped her and didn't give her the money,I'm not sure but I think the one she needed the money for died, years passed, and she met the hero again, and she was hating him but he don't know why, and I think he forced her to marry him, at the end, the truth is that the person who raped her was the evil brother of the hero and he used his hero's name. Also I think when hero found the truth he wanted to divorce her because he is thinking every time she will see him she will remember his brother and she will suffer but she will stay

hello everyone, i read a book some time ago and i can't remember the name or the author, just the plot. Could you tell me the name of the book, please? Thank you :)

The novel is about a single billionaire/millionaire father who has a child (son) , called Henry, and he hires the son's mother at his company. She somehow forgot that she ever had a child, but she spends time with Henry and in the end she realised she is the mother of the child.

I did some goggling and found:
Life In Motion
The Crippled Dancer

Sorry, thats all I could find!

The book I'm looking for is about a girl who lives in hiding with her mom and her mom'a girlfriend. The girl makes a friend but can't tell her much about her life because if anyone found out about where she lived her dad could find her and take her back with him.

What is the name of the book about an affair but they only meet once a year?

need help finding three books.
1) Its a doctor-nurse romance. The theatre nurse hates the surgeon because when the were in school he had a one night stand with her.

2) A wedding planner moved to the house of the bride and groom and fell in love with the groom.

3) The guy and his bestfriend are car racers. he loves his bestfriend's girl and they argue about it and the go for a challenge race and his bestfriend has a crush. He blames the girl and he is now a writer who has written a book they need to turn into a movie and the girl has been assigned to work on the script

Hello, please help find the book with this plot: The husband and wife are going to divorce after years of marriage because the wife's attitude change when they are already rich. The wife got into an accident before the divorce and had an amnesia so the husband pretends that they are still okay hoping that they can still fix their marriage. Their maids are shocked? when their mistress came home with better attitude and the husband's order is not to let their mistress know the marital problems. The husband is a millionaire. Appreciate any help with the leads. Thank you.

Hi guys, I need help. I'm hoping to read again a book but I totally forgot the title. From what I remember, it is a book series and the whole theme is about mind powers (manipulation/reading, etc.). In the first book, the hero is cursed to be trapped in a building and the heroine approach the hero and ask him to teach her how to control the power. 😊😊😊😊😊 Anyone familiar with the series? I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks!

I’m looking for a crime/thriller book to read but I can’t remember the title.

It’s about a detective or journalist (can’t remember!) who has a lot of injuries/scars from a crash I think and the serial killer or stalker ends up turning on her. She has a significant other and at this point in the series, I think they’re engaged and trying to move in together. The stalker also takes pictures of them both and I think at some point she is kidnapped and locked in a small closet or some sort of janitor’s room. I think her name is Nikki but I’m not too sure. Those are all the details I can remember!

If anyone could help, I would be so grateful!

Help, can't remember title or author of book.
Here's the plot, sort of...
Young girl and her two sisters live on a ranch. She is the youngest of the sisters and her sisters think she should finish college. She is love with the rancher next door who has lost his wife and has a young baby. She attempts to go over and help him. The whole female community is scared of because he just locks himself in and room and drinks. She finally gets in to take care of the child, changes him and like all good romances finally marries him.

?title suggestions, anyone?

Hi, I'm looking for a book which is part of a series. There were three or four sisters in the series. Their names were after the winds, i think. In the first book the sister is Mariah. The man she falls in love with is a priest. Eventually they marry and Mariah has a hard time adjusting on being a priest's wife and forsaking her wild streak. I read this in the 90s and it was a contemporary romance novel. Anyone familiar with this storyline?

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Lucila (last edited Jun 12, 2016 05:05PM ) Jun 12, 2016 05:03PM   0 votes
Hi everyone! I really need your help. I read a book about a girl who lives with her mom, but she is an alcoholic. She falls in love with her boyfriend's borther, who is an alpha male character. He has a group of friends that like to do illegal things on Halloween day and use Army of Two masks. Is an adult novel, it has sex scenes and violence. It was an interesting story if you like dark romance I recommend it. Unfortunately I don't remember the title and I would appreciate it enormously if someone knew it. Thanks in advance.

I never got to finish reading this book but I remember some bits and pieces from it. the book i’m looking for is about a girl, who in the beginning, she’s working in a cafe then she gets this weird business card from this dude, and like she accepts it. and like she gets recruited to join a team of teenagers with powers?? kinda like hers was the ability to “read” ppl and their personalities (i think) and i also remember her love interest was the guy who gave her the card in the beginning. and i remember there was a description for each of the teenagers there and one of them was an asian girl. and like during their training they went to a mall and analyzed people?? it was kind of a popular series in middle school but i can’t remember the name. that sounds like a terrible description but i’ve searched everywhere.

Help! it's a book from my childhood,late 80's, young teen book. a kid goes to a new school and there are many problems. a kid that has all the lockers and the main character can't get one. then the main character tries to become the school president and has a campaign out of his locker. it's all about his problems and trying to take the school back from the first guy. i'm pretty sure it was a scholastic book. not a lot of details but....maybe someone can help

Ann (last edited Apr 29, 2019 08:56PM ) Apr 29, 2019 08:53PM   0 votes
Looking for a BDSM Club Book Series - two Doms, owners of club likes secretary but did not approach her, she then leaves then comeback to find a Dom. Thanks

So I have this scene that keeps playing over and over in my head and its driving me nuts if anybody could help me that be great.

What I can remember the book is an MC book. The main character has a really ugly past and he keeps running from it. He starts dating a girl and his past all of the sudden comes back to haunt him . so in order to protect his girlfriend he fakes his death. he has a twin siblings that nobody knew about and his twin is dying from cancer so they switch places. The girlfriend stays at his side while he is dying thinking that it's her old man. eventually the twin dies from the cancer having the people from his past think that he died. she finds out that she is pregnant while he is dying of cancer. The baby is born and the same day he dies from the cancer. Her old man comes back years later to protect her because people from his past still wants to hurt her and his kid. That's all I can remember. I know it's not much but if someone can help me that would be great!

I know this is going to seem really out there but I’ve gotta ask. Do you 90s baby’s remember a book about a girl who lives with her two aunts, she goes to a festival in town and falls in love with a handsome young man she meets there. They are quickly married and have a son. Shortly after her son is born she wakes up at her aunts house and is told that that was all just a dream by her aunts. She is treated with she is crazy. After three years She accepts that what happened was nothing more than a dream. She accepts a position as a nanny to the new kings children. She becomes close to the youngest of the kings (alleged)bastards. Although there is a rumor one of the children is legitimate the child’s identity is kept secret from everyone and the children are treated equally. (As the king is expected to marry a duchess soon and her children will be expected to sit on the throne) The future wife of the king is forced to spend time with the children but the king is not present because of matters of state and wedding prep. The future wife treats the nanny and the children poorly and when the future wife hits the youngest son of the king the nanny flat out smacks her. This causes a huge commotion that has the king entering the children’s wing. As she is explaining that the future wife hit the small child, both she and the king recognize one another. He was the man she married and had a son with four years ago. He embraces her and tells her they told him she died in child birth giving him a son. They wed after he sends the duchess packing.

Hello, I am hunting for a book about which I have very little information. It was published in the lae 70's or early 80's. It was fiction, with a red cover. The title was "Sula," or something similar - a girl's unusual 4 letter name that started with S. The title character was a young girl who lived with her father (I think her mother had passed away or was gone), and she gradually succumbed to mental healh issues. ny information you have would be welcome.

Someone was looking for the title of a book with elves and a dragonfly. The title is Heverly by Kevin Yagher. I hope this helps! I couldn’t find the post but I think it was feb 2020. My kids loved this book!!

One I am trying to remember.

It’s a best friends brother romance.

The friend is super close to the family (with the parents almost acting as surrogates). Anyway he first scene I remember is the brother and friend back on a college break and the friend consoling a crying sister after a bad prom date.

Then I just remember them having a secret relationship whilst she is in college and they would visit each other secretly. Anyway at some point they break up / take a break because the friend is unwilling to come clean out of fear of losing friend and surrogate parents.

Then I just remember the climax where the mother is rushed to hospital and whilst everyone is there the mother on deathbed tells the friend she knows about it all and gives her blessing.


Trying to remember a book which I thought was written by Joy Fielding but can't find it in her repertoire. She's written on similar lines (The Other Women) and this is about a smart lawyer who lives in Florida with a dashingly handsome psychiatrist who also happens to be controlling. He seems to sabotage her career by making her late for meetings etc. He has a daughter by his first marriage who is a little so-and-so but comes good later. She also has a sister who married a much older man who has a heart attack and dies. Parents are totally screwed up.

If someone can help I'd be very greatful.


Help! I can’t remember this book!
It’s starts where a girl and her friend are tasked by their professor to help the hockey team get better views of the public. So they make calendars of all the hockey players and sell them all to raise money for the children hockey centre. One of the main girls and the hockey team captain fall in love with each other and her fiends and the captains friends “tank” fall in love to. The girls share a flat with their friend and the main girls ex boyfriend sets fire to the flat so the girls move into the hockey plays house. I have been trying to find this book for almost a week and I seriously can’t remember the name or the author and it’s KILLING me hah! It’s a college hockey romance!

I can't remember the title, read it in high school. It's a diary about a teen who gets hooked on acid, gets pregnant and runs away from home. The diary end with her at her high school pool, baby is with her. Please help


20 Year in Marsh Only One Truth

Please help. The protagonist is a young woman in law enforcement, a tracker, divorced from a rich man in the oil business. His family never liked her. His sister was particularly nasty to her yet when he is kidnapped and held for ransom, this same sister begs her to find him. She does and rescues him. Lots of action. She's an expert. He has no survival skills. It turns out that a rival oil company has arranged the kidnapping. I would like to know the name of the writer or title of book. Thanks.

This book has a little girl named Sue who lives with her mom back in Ireland when times were extremely touch. She is living is severe famine times and goes through a series of events while growing up with her mom who is going place to place before she ends up in an orphanage. I believe there are a series of books or a trilogy. Thanks for your help!

Olivia (last edited Apr 03, 2019 04:11AM ) Jan 27, 2019 10:55AM   0 votes
I'm looking for a book that I've read 3-4 years ago.
That's everything I can remember:
A girl has to come back to her old hometown because her mother, who is an alcoholic, ran away, and left her siblings alone. Her boyfriend cheated on her shortly before her departure.
She doesn't want to go home because she hates this town and the trailer she was living in.
After she comes back she has to find a job. And because she can't find anything else she becomes a stripper.
She meets her neighbour, who is a mechanic.
He also comes to the club and she dances for him.
Only later we get to know that he is blind.
And he lives alone although she thinks that his mother is still alive.

Sorry for my poor English!
I hope you can help me find this book.

Looking for a time travelling book. What I remember is the girl is archaeologist and is looking into an old English castle. She meets a old woman who we find is a witch and she sends her back in time. When she wakes apparently she is in coma. Can you help I read a long time ago and I don't remember name.

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