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message 1: by Khione (last edited Mar 04, 2016 03:31AM) (new)

Khione  (vamplover25) | 196 comments Mod
Always loved those siren episodes in both series? Well time to try out and write your own siren song. It doesn't have to be long. Have fun! I look forward to reading yours.

For inspiration Mako Mermaids had two siren songs. Here are the lyrics below

Northern Pod Siren song

Into the sea
Hold you close to me
Slide 'neath the waves
Down into the caves
Kiss me my love
Come rest in my arms
Dream your dreams with me
Slide beneath the sea
Come to me my love
Forget the land above

Southern Pod Enchantment Song
Would you come with me?
We'll swim the deep blue sea...
Ahh, ahh, ahh... (...)

Counter version
Ooh, Ooah, stay away from me
Release thee from thy spell
Back to the land above
Spell is all but gone
Now you're free.

Obviously there wasn't any actual lyrics for Cleo's siren song. However, feel free to try out writing an eastern pod siren song. :)

Isabel of the Sea (oceangirlie) | 42 comments Oh cool! I already wrote one. Here:

Sweet Sailor,
follow me.

To the depths
Of the blue sea.

My heart is open
And it's free.

Follow the voice
And never leave.

message 3: by Khione (new)

Khione  (vamplover25) | 196 comments Mod
I love it! Great job!

message 4: by Khione (new)

Khione  (vamplover25) | 196 comments Mod
Hear my song.
Deep in the blue sea is where we belong.
Hear my call.
You are now under my thrall.
Release the world, forget the land.
Come and take my hand.
Stay by my side forever.
May we always be together.

Yeah I suck at writing siren songs. lol. But I gave it a good try. :)

Isabel of the Sea (oceangirlie) | 42 comments Lol :) It's not that bad...

message 6: by Khione (new)

Khione  (vamplover25) | 196 comments Mod
It's alright but not as good as yours.

Isabel of the Sea (oceangirlie) | 42 comments Awww thanks

message 8: by Khione (new)

Khione  (vamplover25) | 196 comments Mod
Anytime! :)

message 9: by Mark (new)

Mark Ray | 3 comments Does anyone by any chance have the music notation for the song ?

message 10: by Khione (new)

Khione  (vamplover25) | 196 comments Mod
Hi Mark no I dont believe we do. Why do you ask? :)

message 11: by Mark (new)

Mark Ray | 3 comments My Daughter wanted to try and play it on her Piano, she is learning to play and loves Mako Mermaids so just thought if someone had the music she would love to learn to play it.

message 12: by Khione (new)

Khione  (vamplover25) | 196 comments Mod
Thats very sweet of you. Sadly we don't have any musical notations for the original mako mermaid songs. I think you'll have more success to finding it online or asking the creator of mako mermaids. Wish you all the best.

message 13: by Mark (new)

Mark Ray | 3 comments Hi Rose, would you know where best to send an email to the creator.

Thanks Mark

message 14: by Khione (new)

Khione  (vamplover25) | 196 comments Mod
Hi Mark, I would suggest looking on the mako mermaids offiical website or try twitter? However the twitter way doesn't always work. Another suggestion is to try contacting the person who arranged the music? It should say on the siren episodes who wrote the songs in the credits. Best of luck!

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