Notice and Note: Strategies for Close Reading Notice and Note discussion

Second Book Discussion - Notice and Note:Strategies for Close Reading by Kylene Beers & Robert E. Probst -Questions for Chapters 6 to 10.

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Rosemarie Batson 1. Novel Study - How do you teach a classroom novel? Things to consider: Are you following a certain practice? How is class instruction designed? Have you incorporated an online book community within novel study or are thinking of doing so?

2. When Analyzing Complexity of a Literary Text,(worksheet model on page 60), do you believe one element carries more significance than another? Explain.

3. In the Reader-Task Considerations, (worksheet model p. 61), discuss a time when you selected a book for a student according to interest, background and ability, attitudes and maturity, or potential for stimulating thought, discussion, and further reading. What was the outcome of this recommendation to your student?

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Pat Bove I believe that they are all connected to fully understand a work. However one should start with the meaning and the structure. We have to consider all facets of understanding complexity of texts. It is like a sandwich: one shouldn't have just the meat and the bread...add the trimmings and it is a better sandwich. Have a full analysis to better understand the text and be more involved in what the author is communicating. (Question 2)

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