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Lavern Winters (grandmapeachy) | 50 comments Mod
This book is part one of a trilogy and takes place in the colony of Virginia during the mid 1600's. The characters are well developed with four main characters. Two brothers who are the second and third sons of an Earl who run away from their abusive older brother who inherited the Earldom and all estates when their father died. They sell themselves as indentured servants. The other two are identical twin girls who lost everything to their fathers debtors when he died. The girls are the nieces of the man who took in the two brothers and the girls are sent to live with their uncle. The story follows the daily lives of these characters in a time of hardship during colonial days. The historical accuracy of how life was at that time is excellent. Descriptions are very well done, giving the reader a good basis for imagery without being so long as to become boring. There is a mystery subplot that is resolved in the first book. The conclusion is adequate to wrap up the primary story lines yet leaving the reader knowing there is much more to the story as their adult lives are just beginning. I really enjoyed this read and have continued with the rest of the saga.

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J.B. (goodreadscomjbmorrisauthor) Nice comprehensive review.

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