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message 1: by Kristin (new)

Kristin Leigh Jones (kristinleighjones) Hi, happy to have found this informative group. I know there are great places to use when your book is on sale (BookBub, Book Gorilla, ReadCheaply etc) but does anyone have any advice to offer when it comes to marketing your books that are in the Kindle Unlimited program? I use all the normal social media channels, hashtag the heck out posts, but I'm hoping to find something as effective as the marketing mailers (like the Bookbubs out there.) Thanks in advance for your shared knowledge!

message 2: by Shitij (new)

Shitij Sharma | 12 comments I have the same question

message 3: by Lana (new)

Lana Campbell | 101 comments I have Kindle Unlimited and am with Kristin. How do you drive readers to your Amazon page?

message 4: by Paul (new)

Paul van der Merwe (paulvandermerwe) | 3 comments Lana wrote: "I have Kindle Unlimited and am with Kristin. How do you drive readers to your Amazon page?"

Hi Lana, I'm still new (not a best selling author....yet:-) ) at this but I've read a lot on similar topics on various sites.

It's a matter of numbers. You need to spread the word far and wide. Some people will respond to your posts and some not, but the bigger your reach, the better your chances.

Social media is one way of reaching many, but my view is that it takes a lot of effort, and within seconds, your post is old news = time wasted unless you have a gazillion followers. I'm trying now to plant "lasting seeds" throughout the internet with links back to my site.

Enough about my theories, so some practical (mostly untested) advice:

1. Search Google for "How to Increase Traffic to my Site", or whatever you want to achieve - you'll be amazed at the results and knowledge available out there.

2. At Ezinearticles you can register as an author and post articles with links back to your site. They then distribute the articles to 1 million plus subscribers.

3. Readers In The Know has a sortable table of 100+ sites where you can list/promote free or discounted books (its a matter of numbers)

Hope it helps!

In planting some lasting seeds then :-), my book Lucky Go Happy : Make Happiness Happen! has been called:

"...the best (book) as far as ... the attainment of happiness goes."

I launched the book somewhat differently - strapped to a model rocket complete with a space LEGO pilot and I literally launched it into the African skies. If you are curious, here is the link:

Rocket Powered Book Launch

Good luck Lana! Be patient. Perservere!


message 5: by Lana (new)

Lana Campbell | 101 comments Thanks Paul. Those are some good leads, a few of which I didn't know about. I'll check them out. Hope others will too.

message 6: by Shane (new)

Shane McDowell | 6 comments I've enjoyed the information I've learned in this thread. Thank you.

message 7: by Eric (last edited Sep 30, 2016 06:12AM) (new)

Eric Z. | 1 comments I have recently tested Amazon ads, and had some shocking results, because it was so damned simple to make it work and make + .

You specifically asked about marketing books in the "Kindle Unlimited" program. Well, books MUST be in KDP select to run an Amazon ad. So I will cut straight to the chase and tell you what worked for me:

Go here - or go to your book in your dashboard, then:

"Promote and advertise" >>> Create an Ad Campaign (right button)>>> PRODUCT DISPLAY ADS (right button again) >>> Select a book to advertise >>> Target your Ad>>>

And now the shockingly simple part, by "Target your ad" choose "BY INTEREST".

By Interest is the option where you just choose a broad category that fits your book.

Then select the interests that apply in the menus.

Then choose your campaign settings:
Name (name your campaign)
CPC - cost per click - here -zon will suggest something. I suggest in the begininng just .15 to $.30
Campaign budget - This is surprisingly "wishy washy". Just start at 100$ here. Don't worry, it looks like a lot but it won't spend it!

Then comes an option to "run campaign budget as fast as possible" -or- "spread budget evenly over campaign". I have found this makes no difference at all (!) have ten campaigns running now and this option does nothing.

Then you have to create your ad. Amazon supplies the image, so all you have to do is create a headline and ad copy. Couldn't be simpler! Well-- Ad copy and headlines is a fine art , so I suggest you should just try the "curiosity gap" here. E.g. if your book is romance something like "Will she really get with John?" Stupid example, but you get the gist...right?

(copyblogger has an awesome post about how to write headlines)

Also make sure not to use too many exclamation points, and ALL CAPS is a definite no-no. -Zon will reject the ad immediately for both of those.


It will take a day or so for -zon to finally approve it but...

The fun part, once it is running it's simple as pie JUST WATCH YOUR ACOS!

ACoS is your spend divided by sales. So here you obviously want more sales than spend - simple right?

ONLY caveat = we get %70 royalty on a $2.99 book, so you want your ACoS to be below 70 percent. Simple right?

Insider tip #1:
Don't panic! If you see your spend going up on an ad and you have no sales DON'T terminate the ad. Amazon ads are super slow moving. Slower than molasses. Instead just "PAUSE" the add and wait 3 days. YES three whole days. You will be surprised after 3 days your numbers are still changing in your dashboard and... you may have some sales!

So "blip" it. And keep blipping it. I bet in the first day or so you will see a "positive ACoS" = anything below %70.

I got my book Be Freud [B01HAOS9T2] up to #1 multiple times, almost at will, in the Psychoanalysis category in -zon!

Hope this helps,

Slowly putting all these tips in my blog at

message 8: by Wendy (new)

Wendy Wilson | 1 comments I've been using Amazon Adwords. I'm still trying to sort out what keywords work best, and which have the best ROI. I am getting some good "Also Boughts" from that, and have used the authors of books showing up there as keywords. We'll see how that works.

But I also read an article by a publisher who noted that when they gave books away free it increased the KENP (page reads). I just had a two day free promotion -- Amazon only -- and my page reads do seem to be doing well. I had 170 downloads. I'm going to do another free day, this time using FreeBooksy as well, and will see what happens to my page reads after that.

message 10: by Geri (new)

Geri Glenn (geriglenn) | 2 comments KU Addicts Express is set to launch on November 15th. They are just getting going, but hope to be a useful new tool for both KU Authors and readers :)

message 11: by Clotilde (new)

Clotilde Menendez | 9 comments Has anybody tried KU Facebook groups? Are they any help?

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