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Brittany Allyn (soyxunxperdedor) These discussions will be set up a little differently since this book doesn't have actual chapters. Each discussion will cover three sections each. This thread is for "Why I'm Weird," "What Avatar Should I Be," and "Jail Bait." Discussions will run through the end of March.

message 2: by Chessa (new)

Chessa (chessakat) | 81 comments I'm enjoying the hell out of this book. And snort-laughing a lot. The graphics are hilarious!

Interesting to get this view from a homeschooled kid, since we're homeschooling our two sons (they're 6 and 9.5 right now). Definite food for thought on that one, especially when they're older. Though I think they have significantly more social opportunities than Ms. Day did. ;)

message 3: by Alisha (new)

Alisha I've already read this book but I really enjoyed it any hope everyone else does, too. Happy reading!

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