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message 1: by Anita (new)

Anita Pomerantz | 6285 comments I'm pleased to announce that of the twenty or so participants who qualified, our randomly selected winner is:

Margarette! (formerly Kentucky Reader)

Congratulations to you, Margarette. Please private message me to discuss your prize.

To everyone else, thank you so much for your dedication to the group and for making the extra effort to get us off to a great start here in our new location.

I think I speak for all four of the administrators when I say we are grateful to all of you and are so happy that we are still together. And thrilled to see some of you who migrated earlier now returning to us!

message 2: by Ellen (new)

Ellen | 2090 comments Congratulations, Margarette!

message 3: by Jen (new)

Jen | 1545 comments Congrats!

Elizabeth (Alaska) Congratulations!

message 5: by SouthWestZippy (new)

SouthWestZippy | 856 comments Way to go Margarette! Have fun shopping.

message 6: by Rachel N. (new)

Rachel N. | 1442 comments Congratulations!

message 7: by annapi (new)

annapi | 4916 comments Congratulations!

message 8: by Sushicat (new)

Sushicat | 804 comments Congratulations!

message 9: by punxsygal (new)

punxsygal | 270 comments Woo Hoo!

message 10: by Susie (new)

Susie | 4488 comments Congratulations!

message 11: by Jgrace (new)

Jgrace | 2762 comments Good for you! Read on!

message 12: by Jenni Elyse (new)

Jenni Elyse (jenni_elyse) | 1266 comments Congratulations, Margarette!

message 13: by Margaret (new)

Margaret (margarette) | 292 comments Thanks everyone. What a pleasant surprise! I definitely will enjoy

message 14: by LibraryCin (new)

LibraryCin | 8129 comments Congrats, Margarette!

message 15: by Ladyslott (new)

Ladyslott | 1880 comments Congrats Margarette. (always tempted to still call you Kentucky Reader)

message 16: by Karin (new)

Karin | 6926 comments Congrats, Margarette!!

message 17: by Sara (new)

Sara (mootastic1) | 770 comments Congratulations!

message 18: by Book Concierge (new)

Book Concierge (tessabookconcierge) | 5642 comments Enjoy your prize, Margarette!

message 19: by Margaret (new)

Margaret (margarette) | 292 comments Linda S wrote: "Congrats Margarette. (always tempted to still call you Kentucky Reader)"

I don't mind at all if you call me Kentucky Reader, Linda. I'm a reader and I love my state. I also love the true spelling of my name so I took the opportunity to use it here. This is the spelling used on my birth certificate and on the tombstones of umpteen ancestors named Margarette. I had a really mean 1st grade teacher though who kept slapping my hands until I spelled it her way, and have ever since, without the final "te."

message 20: by Margaret (new)

Margaret (margarette) | 292 comments Thanks for the congratulations everyone.

message 21: by Olivermagnus (new)

 Olivermagnus (lynda214) | 1952 comments Add my congratulations too Margarette!

message 22: by Margaret (new)

Margaret (margarette) | 292 comments Olivermagnus wrote: "Add my congratulations too Margarette!"

Thank you Olivermagnus

message 23: by Margaret (new)

Margaret (margarette) | 292 comments Victorian Reader wrote: "Congrats Margarette!"

Thank you. I like your pseudonym

message 24: by Barbara M (new)

Barbara M (barbara-m) | 2191 comments Congratulations, a little late but still heart-felt!

message 25: by Regina Lindsey (new)

Regina Lindsey | 1005 comments Congratulations!

message 26: by Margaret (new)

Margaret (margarette) | 292 comments Regina wrote: "Congratulations!"

Thank you Barbara and Regina

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