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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. SCI Fi - Parallel universe Travel - Hero is spy-USA is losing Cold War [s]

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Garry Pace | 2 comments Trying to find the name of a book I read in the late 1980's early 1990's Dead tree - Sci Fi - The plot-line has to do with parallel universes and the doorway is in an attic. The protagonist is a spy for the US government on one of the earths. He is sent to an parallel universe to steal technology from the USA in the parallel universe as the USA in his universe is behind the USSR in the arms race and is losing the Cold war. The government in his universe controls the portal. The US government on the earth where the USA is behind the USSR is going to start a nuclear war and all the heads of the government are going to go into the other universe and live as they plan on killing their doubles and taking over their lives. One of the secretaries of defense or something like that end up slipping up so the bad guys who are going to start the nuclear war have his double killed in the parallel universe so he can not cross over. They kill the double in a very brutal and gruesome manner so there is no way for him to cross over. The Hero gets caught when he tracks down an old girlfriend in the other universe then brings her back some music from his universe by her favorite musician. Music that was never written in her universe. The record format is different also and she starts to wonder what is going on and turns him in. I also think at some point in the alternative universe there was a nuclear weapon set off in Norfolk VA.

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Andy Love | 2037 comments Alternities by Michael Kube-McDowell Alternities

P.S. You gave a very detailed description, which allows me to be pretty confident in my identification, since all the features you mention are in "Alternities."

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Bargle | 1217 comments I'll give an alternate possiblity.

The Coming of the Quantum Cats

The girlfriend of the lead character is a musician, a violinist, in some of the other earths.

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Garry Pace | 2 comments Alternities by Michael Kube is the book - Thanks a lot that is awesome - I appreciate the help

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Andy Love | 2037 comments Great. If you liked Alternities, you might also like Bargle's suggested book.

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