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Henry Sturcke | 405 comments The authors of this book are Ralph G. Nichols and Leonard A. Stevens (right now, only the first initial of each is listed).
The book has 226 pages.
I have taken a photo of my copy of the book and uploaded it to my photos.
The ISBN must have been subsequently issued, my copy has none.
Here is the book description from the flaps of the dust jacket:
This is the first book devoted to a dynamic new science -- the science of listening. The material here is vital to management, industry, education, the professions, the salesman, and many other fields in which communication is of prime importance. Having thoroughly researched ans studied the subject for many years, the authors first show how we listen and then apply their findings to how listening and communication efficiency can be improved.
Throughout all areas of endeavor and daily routines, the amount of time devoted to listening far exceeds in almost all cases any other human activity. Forty per cent of the average businessman's salary is earned listening; for the executive it can amount to 80 per cent. The importance of the subject becomes readily apparent on consideration of the time element involved in everyone's life.
"Extensive tests have led to this general conclusion: Immediately after the average person has listened to someone talk, he remembers only about half of what he heard -- no matter how carefully he thought he had listened. Two months after listening to a person talk, the average listener will remember only about 25 per cent of what was said." The authors show how inefficient listening is usually the result of poor habits of concentration; and how good listening habits, resulting in greater comprehension and retention, can be achieved with the aid of simple exercises contained in the book.
The new techniques of listening are discussed -- awareness first, awakening to listening, upward and downward communication in business, ironing out problems through listening, how good listening can save dollars, critical listening to high-pressure talk, how fast listening can replace fast talking, emotional blocks to objective listening, and many more. Here are tests to establish listening ability, information on efficient note taking while listening, suggestions for improving the teaching of listening in schools, and a host of other facets of listening.
Are You Listening? is provocative and challenging. In the consideration of this important topic, it present practical methods for improving listening and demonstrates how enormous rewards in individual and organizational efficiency can be achieved.
-- end of dust jacket blurb --

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Georgia Is it ok now?

Henry Sturcke | 405 comments Perfect! Thanks, Georgia.

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Georgia :)

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