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message 1: by ladymurmur (new)

ladymurmur | 665 comments Somewhere, in some GR group, I stumbled across a discussion that had a post with authors for each letter of the alphabet. There may also have been alphabet posts for series as well.

It is easy enough to sort My Books by title or by last name of author, but first names or middle initials? or series name? I've yet to figure out a good way to easily search for those. These would be very useful to me, at least, as I'm working through various A-Z challenges.

Does anyone know where I could find such lists/discussions? Would that be something useful for this group? I'm thinking of starting to gather that information in my member list, but wanted to check first if others might also be interested.


message 2: by Steph, Road Tripper!! (new)

Steph (angel4492) | 28164 comments Hi. I'm not sure about other groups, but we have our author/series folder with an index listing of existing threads. It's alpha by last name of author or series name, if started that way. You can check it out here:

Many of us have created series lists found in the member lists folder. Hope that helps. Of course, many of us would probably benefit from a list like one you've mentioned. :)

message 3: by ladymurmur (new)

ladymurmur | 665 comments Thanks, Steph! That's a lovely resource for series & last names. :-)

I was trying to use shelves to help me track authors for letters of the alphabet, particularly first names - but that was too cumbersome, since only books can be shelved, not authors or series. Lists in my members list discussion sounds like a plan!

message 4: by Steph, Road Tripper!! (new)

Steph (angel4492) | 28164 comments Welcome! I saw your lists; they're lookin' good! Great resource.

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