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message 1: by Chinonye (new)

Chinonye Chidolue (goodreadscomuser_nonye) | 3 comments Hello,

I'm having a hard time editing my published quotes on here. It seems one can't do that on their own but the administrators of the site. I have tried editing some typos on my quotes but I never find a way around that. Then when I delete the quote and publish it correctly, the wrong one appears all over again. What's the way out?

Here's a link to my quotes page which I have issues editing.

NB: I need to remove the numbers in front of the last two quotes below.

Also, the 5th quote on the link should be "Isn't" and not "is".


message 2: by Paula (last edited Mar 02, 2016 07:57AM) (new)

Paula (paulaan) | 7027 comments Quotes can only be edited by Librarians.

Edit: Fixed

message 3: by Chinonye (new)

Chinonye Chidolue (goodreadscomuser_nonye) | 3 comments Okay then thanks, Paula

message 4: by Chinonye (new)

Chinonye Chidolue (goodreadscomuser_nonye) | 3 comments Oh I checked it. You got one wrong. You corrected the wrong quote. Please correct it back.

The one I wanted you to adjust the "Isn't" is the quote

"Greatness is worldly fame and success. Laying humble service for humanity's best is true greatness".

The typo here is the "is" which should be "isn't"

Here's what you corrected wrongly:

"Hope is the breath that keep your dreams alive. Don't stop breathing"

You changed the 'is' to 'isn't', which is wrong. Please revert it to 'is' and kindly correct the former which I intended.

Thanks a lot.

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