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Bargle | 1302 comments OK, I read this back in the 80s or 90s, maybe even early 2000s. Humans have colonized another planet. Things haven't gone to plan. There's a good guys group and a bad guy that controls the supply of potassium that everyone needs for good health. There's plants, but few or no large animals on the planet. There's a problem with insects and the good guys spend a fair amount of time trying to come up an insectivore to fight them. They eventually clone bats, IIRC. The bad guy is the only one with seeds for a potasssium rich plant. (view spoiler) One character uses teflon cookware and talks about how nothing sticks to it.
That's all I can bring up at the moment.

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Andy Love | 2099 comments Destiny's Road by Larry Niven Destiny's Road

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Bargle | 1302 comments That's it. Thanks, Andy. :-)

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Andy Love | 2099 comments No problem!

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