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message 1: by Monica (new)

Monica (mondantone) | 2 comments I can not for the life of me remember the Author or the Title of this book... So, plot is: This female werewolf who works in her uncle (or is it grandfather's?) store, in this small werewolf town receives a letter/summons stating it is a "Mating Contract" from the Alpha. She calls him and says she doesn't want to go through with it but he said that she has to. For those of you that have read it and know which book I'm speaking of, she storms out of the store and goes home where the male werewolf that she is to mate finds her. He tells her they have a mating celebration in honor of them at the alpha's house later that night and he will see her there. He later finds her at the store because she loses track of time and they end up having sex in the back room. They ride together to the alpha's house for the party and yadda, yadda....

Does anyone know what this story is called PLEASE?!?!

Thank you ahead of time!!! :)

message 2: by Absynthe (new)

Absynthe | 11 comments Hmmm, it could possibly be Riding Red (Fairytale Shifter, #1) by Alexa Riley . Not sure, tho'. The story is somewhat similar.

message 3: by Monica (new)

Monica (mondantone) | 2 comments Thank you Absynthe, but Ive read that story too. Unfortunately, its not the same one! :(

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