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Want to be neither Human nor Pokehuman? Create a pokemon!

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Zero | 2 comments Name ~ Shadow
Age ~ ??
Gender ~ Male
Species ~ Mega Charizard X
Type speciality ~ Fire/Dragon
Family ~ Unknown
Crush ~ none at the moment but is looking for a female Charizard.

Appearance ~ https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&s...



History ~ As a young charmander, Shadow was wild and pretty reckless. Starting fires around forest and cities if he made it that far. However when a young trainer by the name of Chris first appeared, Shadow was in awe of him. this trainer was the first one Shadow had ever seen, he seemed in awe of this trainer. Following him around everywhere, not letting Chris have any personal space. When Chris finally noticed Shadow, he wanted to battle to see how strong this young charmander was. Seeing if he had any potential on his team. Shadow beat everything that Chris threw at him. A young bulbasaur, squirtle, and even another charmander. With long harsh battles with those three Pokemon, Shadow stood shakily. Waiting for another challenge from this trainer, however picking up another pokeball, Chris walks over to Shadow. Pressing the button and watching as the red energy struck Shadows chest.

Time skip

Through all the hard battles that Shadow and Chris have won together, wether winning or losing they had a strong un-breakable friendship. Chris had watched Shadow evolve from charmander to charmeleon, to even Charizard. However when Chris got in with the wrong group of trainers. He was supposed to throw a fight with Shadow against another trainer. When Chris didn't throw the fight, the group of wrong trainers came to see him, battling him with Pokemon. But they took all of Chris pokeball's so he couldn't defend himself. The other trainers Pokemon were loyal to their masters. Eventually killing Chris. When the group of trainers were trying to decide who got his Pokemon in the group, one of the trainers accidentally let out Shadow. The first thing he saw when he was taken out of his comfort ball was the dead body of his trainer. Using one of his strongest attacks right off the bat, Shadow turned around. Instantly using Dragon rage, killing the other kids where they stood leaving no evidence of anything or anyone. In the process of getting revenge for Chris. Shadow evolved into Mega Charizard X. Now he is just roaming around, not really wanting another trainer but he wouldn't mind one if given the chance.

Personality ~ Shadow is a typical tough Pokemon as the start, his stone cold eyes showing no emotion or feelings. Although, all this can be changed if he is given the chance to show it, if another trainer or Pokemon actually take the time to earn a friendship. On the other hand, Shadow is afriad of getting into another friendship due to what happened to Chris.

Other ~ looking for another trainer.

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