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Kindle Reading vs Paperback/Hardback
Terri Terri Mar 01, 2016 10:47AM
Or really Kindle reading vs a "REAL BOOK".

First of all, I only gave the title of Romeo and Juliet as this form wouldn't let me pass 'go" until I titled it a certain book. As you will see when you read on, this has NOTHING to do with that particular book.

Back to business:

I ask the subject question because I'm starting to wonder if it's just me or not that my mind tends to go off a lot when I am reading my Kindle, whereas if I was into a good paperback novel, I could almost lose sense of time.

While I love the kindle for allowing me to store numerous books on it (especially for vacations), I kind of miss that book "smell". And the joy of looking over at a stack of new novels that I haven't jumped into yet.

Maybe it's just me - I'm in my 50s so possibly set in my ways. :)

Anyway, to "test myself" I am going to get a paperback book and try reading it once as is and then again on the Kindle.

But I'm really curious if any others have felt this or if it's just my quirky ways.

For me, reading is all about the content. Paper or screen, what I enjoy is getting lost in a story, in a world, and it feels exactly the same to me. About the practicalities of reading (like going back a chapter and then quickly to the point where you were, or searching something, reading in the dark, etc.), both systems have pros and cons.

I bought a Kindle years ago and downloaded a load of stuff. Six months later I gave it away. It is ideal if you commute, or travel a lot and need to travel light. But with a printed novel you can flick back through the pages to check on a character, you can turn forwards in a split second to see when the chapter ends. Maybe I'm, a Luddite, but I like printed paper. I have my own books on Kindle and in print - and I know which I like best. I know I am not alone...

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I prefer reading physical books too, but my Kindle is just so comfortable in so many ways. I was reluctant when I first got it, I felt as if I was somehow betraying books by choosing to read electronically. But now I am so happy to have it, it allows me to read books which I can not find in the bookstores and libraries of my country and it is so practical when travelling. I don't feel bad anymore for reading on my Kindle, but still nothing can replace the feeling of a physical book.

I prefer paperback books the most. Easy to hold in any situation and position. And yes, I love that smell of a new book in my hands.

Hardcovers tend to be a bit unwieldy.

Ebook does have its advantages for sure. However, I've found that reading on the screen is harder on the eyes than reading from paper and print.

Although as stated I still prefer a physical book, I think ebooks is the way forward, especially when environmental concerns are added.

I always said I would never have an e-reader, but, back a few years ago when carpal tunnel syndrome was becoming worse and worse in my right hand, I had to give up reading because I could no longer support the weight of a book (or magazine, etc). So, a kindle I bought, downloaded some books, made myself a book beanie (kindle support) and could read again!

I still buy some hardback/softback books, ones I know I will want to keep and read/look through again, but most of my reading is done on the kindle.

Ok, well, this topic has already been beaten to death in another thread, but I guess if it's gonna drag itself back up out of its grave, zombie-like, I'll splatter it again.

First, in the final analysis an E-book is superior because it can be bootlegged and stolen easier than a physical book. You can't read it if you don't have it, right? So first you gotta get it, and so "Ease Of Theft" is the most important attribute.

But it is worth bearing in mind that when an author pisses you off so bad that you want to throw the book across the room, while that works OK with a physical book (As long as the cat doesn't get upset at least), throwing a Kindle or IPad or whatever can get, like, Expensive? And you *can't* throw a desktop, at least not very easily (though I've heard of it being done...)

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I prefer a book I can actually hold in my hands and, like many people mentioned before, it is easier for me when I want to flip back and read something. It hurts my eyes to look at a kindle too--even the kind without the reflection. I never have adjusted to a kindle.

I think both have their benefits! I enjoy the feel of paper books, and I like knowing kinesthetically how far through the book I am. I also like looking over my bookcase with titles I have loved stacked like old friends. And of course, my library system doesn't loan ebooks.

On the other hand, my Kindle is amazing for filling with a dozen books and still being able to slip into my purse. Books on hand any time! The built in light also makes reading in dark corners much easier. And there's something nice about having one device I can keep holding and switch from reading a novel to checking my email to playing a video to entertain my kids.

Now if I could just remember to plug it in...

PAPERBACK! i would hate if i had kindle because i love rereading different parts and finding them again is always a challenge. my mom has a kindle and I've used it a few times but I've never gotten used to it. also I've always wanted to have a huge beauty and the beast style library so having an e book feels like I'm giving up on that dream.

having a kindle is more practical but yeah i choose paperback!

I prefer the weight of an actual book - but the Kindle offers immediate gratification.
I use both, but I think the experience of a real book is more satisfying. The weight, the smell (as you mentioned), turning the pages.
I have a number of friends that are quite puritanical about this, and refuse to read electronic books. That's a bit extreme for my taste, but I get it.
You are not alone! :)

I prefer paper books, hardback and paperback. I'm a sucker for flipping pages and feeling like I've made progress. Also, if I have a book with a chart, family tree, map etc. I feel like it's easier to flip back to it. And when I'm finished I like to put it on my shelf and glance at it every once in a while to remind myself why I liked it so much.

However, I do agree that when travelling e-reading is much more practical. But it's usually some "fluffy" book:)

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